Monday, October 15, 2007

"Vote for Gen!"

Our poll is starting to take off here, Aimee is in the lead by 3 (count 'em, 3!) votes while Genevieve is trailing with just one vote. And Marge is being so proper that she has not got one single vote! She's going to have to step up if she wants any votes in this Very Important race. Oh the suspense!

Here is a quote from Gen, the runner up in this Very Important race to the top:

"All I can say is that the utter depths of my being is bent upon winning! I practice day in and day out being silly in my mirror. Thank you, you wise soul for voting for yours truly. I will try not to let you down!!! Tell your friends to VOTE FOR GEN!"

Below is a picture of Gen's Silliness Mentor.

Fine print: This post was paid for by the Silliness Party to promote Genevieve and her run for "Miss Silliness".

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