Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free Printable 2016 Audrey Hepburn Calendar by Pretty Wit

Look at this delicious 2016 calendar from Pretty Wit!

If Audrey Hepburn is your thing, or if you just love the gorgeous vintage/retro era, this is the 2016 calendar for you!

Go on over to Pretty Wit for the free download of all 12 months!

The Three Spinsters

Saturday, January 2, 2016

8 tips to stay cozy in January

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!
We certainly did! I wasn't sure how it would be this year since it's been quite a crazy year! But it turned out very well and we had a really good time with family and friends. =]

It still amazes me coming on here after a month of no posting and there are still views. Just.... wow. And thanks. Those of you who still come around... you make me happy! =]

I try to not get carried away with New Year's resolutions... but I can't really help myself. I'm a list person anyway so it just happens whether I plan to or not.

So, to start off this Blogging year.. a few helpful tips (in list form of course..)

8 tips for keeping warm in...

1. Drink Hot Water will change your life!
My fellow tea lovers...
I never can drink enough water, because I'd rather drink tea.
I found out this is mostly because, I don't want to be cold. But who said you have to drink cold water? No one.

2. Go ice skating
...after school has started again.
If you have a weird schedule like me, go when school is in session. That way, you can actually try things other than skating around in circles in defense mode and you can fall flat on your bum without the fear of being trampled... or Dog-piled more likely.

3. Drink a hot cuppa tea 
(or Eggnog - get it while you can!).
After skating, you'll better appreciate being warm!
I just discovered the Salted Caramel Black Tea from Bigelow
It is SO good.

4. Use that yarn you've been saving
and make something fabulous to wear right now!
Like this adorable Turban(d) from Amelie Bernier


5. Wear Slippers.
Our floors get so cold, this is the only way to keep your feet warm!

6. Make Pizza
It is actually quite easy to do and SO good!
One of my favorite combinations is Olive oil, muffaletta, salami and Manchego sheep cheese on top of Trader Joes gluten-free/dairy-free/egg-free flatbread. yum!

7. Fill up a hot water bottle
and place it under the blankets at the foot of your bed.
This is WAY better than sleeping with socks on! I use it every single night during the cold months.

8. Listen to records.
If you have a turntable, it is so much fun to put on a record while you do your everyday stuff.
I've been listening to Bing Crosby's Merry Christmas Album every night while I get ready for bed. No matter what kind of day I've had it always cheers me up and calms me down. :)

I would love to hear your tips for keeping warm in January!
Thanks for reading!
xo Marguerite