Thursday, September 11, 2008

silliness, simplicity and celery

One lazy summer day, my nephew came over.
While trying to come up with an idea for something to do, he said, "Let's make celery cars!" I, being the uninformed person that I am, did not know what in the world celery cars were. So he taught me how to make them. We had a wonderful time making them! (and eating them of course.) =]

What you need:
celery, cream cheese, grapes (or other small berries), crackers or pretzels or whatever you happen to have that goes good with celery and cream cheese, toothpicks, knife and cutting board

1. cut the washed celery into lengths
2. use toothpicks (broken in half) to "pin" on grapes (or berries) for wheels
3. fill celery with cream cheese for interior of car (and to cover ends of toothpicks)
(If you want, you can turn the celery over so the round side is on top for a different look.)
4. add all of the edible details you wish
5. take out toothpicks before eating
Have fun!
Or you can make boats!