Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little Women - photo shoot

Gathering hops for wreath making.
Practicing wild theatricals. "I'm Hugo. Ah-HA!"
"Josephine March! You walked all the way from Walden Pond, in only these bloomers?""An old maid, that's what I'm to be. A literary spinster, with a pen for a spouse, a family of stories for children, and twenty years hence a morsel of fame, perhaps..."
"Evangeline and I will make you some Ginger tea."
"Housekeeping ain't no joke."
"Don't, Jo; it's so boyish!"

"Jo began to dance a jig,...Amy nearly fell out of the window in her surprise, and Meg exclaimed, with uplifted hands, 'Well I do believe the world is coming to an end!'"
Here is a photo shoot we did for the Little Women event. I hope you've enjoyed it! Thank you Rebecca, for putting it on! :D
Love, Meg and Amy
(click on pic to visit the event)


civilwardancer said...

I LOVE the pictures! The are cool!


Wonderland21 said...

I love these pictures! I assume you made the costumes yourself? They are beautiful!

I followed your blog!

Have a great day!

Allison Elizabeth

SisterlyLove said...

Thank you Kiehl! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much Allison! We had such fun taking the pictures!
Yes, we usually make our own dresses (and underpinnings too of course). These two dresses however, were made by our sister Cherie!

Thanks for following our blog! I hope you will enjoy it!
I hope you have an excellent day as well!
~Marguerite (Meg) =]

Celine said...

Lovely dress!

Camila said...

I love your pictures!
I arrived at your blog looking for pictures of the movie little women, and I found your work by accident.