Friday, October 19, 2007

Silliest of Sillies?

Marguerite?could be...Well, here we are; with only one day left to vote. Please, everyone get your ballots and donations in while there's still time. Remember: you have only until 2:30am on October the 20th, 2007.The elections are raging! With ballots coming in and out, being read, torn up or posted on silliest home videos.Things are really heating up around here. Genevieve now has no votes! Since this afternoon one of, or should I say her only voter saw fit to change parties in the middle of the election. The party of the first part (the one who changed parties) Now has voted for the party of the second part (The second runner up in the elections) To which the party of the third part (That would be the third runner up in the elections) is more than put out. It seems this mysterious voter (party of the first part), if ever found out, shall bear the brunt of the whole affair.Tonights spectrum will examine the whole question of parts and parties, parting and carting, crafting and laughing, switching and itching, knitting, mitting, sitting, fitting and litting. Litting. Is there a word litting? If there is what does it mean? If there isn't what does it mean? Perhaps both, maybe neither.Well, it looks as though things might get very messy! We are still counting ballots and looking for actual evidence of a party who changes parties periodically.If you have a late vote or ballot or even a stale custard, you can mail it to the election office at:888 888 888 888 NW keen ZWIIIIIING Ave. Ilchesterhowdywhosit, DUH.Or email us at: electionsillywingsofbuffalobangbangziiiipwilkinsjeroldvespawarrenifyouweretheonlygirlintheworldcrash@verysilly.comAnd now a quote from your beloved silly candidate #2 (party of the second part):
"...and I don't care that you have a thing for stale custard and-...what?! We're on the air?! Oh...uh, hello! And welcome to the silly*whaaa**zing* ping pong tournament-... What? Oh, wrong show. Hello, silly people. I very much appreciate your vote and hope to see more... More than one hopefully. Ehem... If you are sick and tired of these sensible social sillitards, don't tell me about it. I already know. I've come to save the day with silliness! Fear not; for your silliest dreams can come true! But only if you vote for me! *hic* This could be our last chance to revive the silliness that we once held so dear. *hic* So don't be sensible and vote for the other *hic* two sillies! Vote for me! The Silliest of Sillies!! AHAHHHHAAAAA!! *hic* "
~from the silly lips of: MargueritebuchannonhornpipesaladshooterBANGgoWHIMMMwilma furcoatQUACKappleblipdingalinghorsesensefromthecornersoftheearthSmith And now, a picture of ...the party of the second part (Margie--)'s silliness Mentor and cousin.
He's royalty also. But don't worry, Margueritebuchannonhornpipesalad-- Well, the party of the second part, is much more silly looking.
Thank you for being with us here tonight, and please join us next time on The Silly Channel for the Election Night Special!
A silly night to all, and to all a silly night.


Annie said...

Ha ha, this is really funny. I love it!!

Annie said...

Can I get some of those whitening strips??:)hehehe