Sunday, October 14, 2007

Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Well, dearies, Lizzie won the poll! I already sort of knew that she would win. :) Here is a question for you: What is it about Miss Elizabeth Bennet that everyone seems to love so much?

Why, after all these years is she still adored and loved by all who read about her? It has been many years since Miss Jane Austen's time and still her character, Elizabeth Bennet is timeless. What makes her so? I would love to hear your thoughts on Miss Elizabeth.

Love, Genevieve


SisterlyLove said...

Veddy well said deah! I'm quite shor you will get lots of examples so here is mine... *break out into song* lahhh- "NO NO NONE OF THAT! i wont have any singing on my page!" says Marge. "I don't care. I DON'T CARE!" said myself *introduction* "lah de da de da le la loon ba ba bab-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba BA!

So its like this!
Miss Elizabeth Bennet
This this
Miss Elizabeth Bennet

She's not a sour
Old iky-stiky muffin
She's not a cauliflower
Slapin'-tapin' puffin

She has a mean sense of humor.
And her hair bounces up and down her neck.
And when you say somthing to her - she could up and fume-er!
And she sometimes sounds like she belongs on a piiiirate deck!

This is gittin' kinda hard!
I don't know what to say
Ho ho ho I sound like lard!
And need a brake. Ho-Say!

That was the tale of
Miss Elizabeth Bennet
That's that's
Miss Elizabeth Bennet
And be sure to - join me - next time!
do da lo do da loo do da loo do da loo do da loooooooooo!!!!

---Adelbert Ames

Miss C II said...

You know what, girls?
I like your comments more than your posts! ..and if there weren't any posts, there wouldn't be any good comments. =) I might have to pop in and say something hilarious too someday. ;)

SisterlyLove said...

Ha ha! Please do, Miss C II! Hey, this rhyming thing is catchy...oh noooooooo, please!! I've got the Aimee desease! Somebody saaaave me! Before I go craaaazy!

-Can you really believe...
this is Genevieve?