Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Vote For Aimee"

Well Folks!
Were back And Ready to here your votes!

Today's runner up is still Aimee. She is most exited to be in the lead and aims to keep it like that! She quotes: "I think i would be a great Miss Silliness be cause i would always live up to every body's (including my own) expectations: TO BE SILLY AS POSSIBLE! I am greatly honored by your votes. And always will be for more! Remember only three days left! Vote For Aimee!"

Did you here that everybody? Shes counting on you to place your bets and votes! Hurry up the time is running out!

Genevieve 1 { fair

Marguerite 0 { not to good

Aimee 3 { excellent

With three days left to vote these girls have gone absolute bananas trying to out-do each other and win the award for best at silliness.

Below is a picture of Aimee's Silliness Mentor:

Remember Aimee is counting on YOU!

Can't decide? Aimee requests you read her comment on "Miss Elizabeth Bennet" (Signed Adelbert Ames)

FINE PRINT: To help Aimee win place your vote NOW!

Or for more information please contact us.

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