Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I, on Wednesday, wore..

Howdy y'all! i am participating in The Pleated Poppy's
"What She and Everyone Else is Wearing on Wednesday" event that she holds on her blog!
It's been ages that i've longed to do it! - i hope you enjoy my clothes!

here i am. I am Wednesday. :)
♥Genevieve's Birthday and Cake-Making extraordinaire
I'm wearing
*Gray Shorts -Old Navy
*"Bend Bluegrass Festival" refashioned T-shirt -Made by me
*Shoes - invisible

later I added
*Cow Apron -made by little Genevieve :)

This is Thursday.
Next I am.
♥Sam I am.♥
How i am Friday
♥Cold n' cozy day @ the Beach

What i wear
*Aqua Blue sweatshirt -Old Navy
*Black pants -hand me down, Ang!
*Sea Grass hand-woven-while-eating-fish-n'-chips bracelet
*Toe Rings -Maui
*Sand -a beach on Earth
How do you do Mr. Saturday?
♥Aimee In Wonderland
what i'm wearing
*Striped half-sleeved shirt -It's Char bears'. :)
*Black cotton ruffled skirt -hand-me-down from Genevieve :)
*Blue Alice tights -Gap $o.75!
*Queen of Hearts shoes -Macy's-Hand Painted by me! *blush, blush!*
*Alice in Wonderland Bracelet -Pretty Wit

Love to you all! i've enjoyed every minuet of it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Golden Afternoon

Don't you just love the time of day when everything seems to be dipped in gold?

Here's Aimee in Wonderland.
It's so beautiful and peaceful.

Always remember to bask in the golden afternoon.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

you are pretty silly.

Carnival Castle headband in the SHOP!
i love this.
It's like wearing a rainbow around your head!
We're are leaving to go camping (happiness) so we shant get to talk to you for a while! but i will leave you with this happy item from PW. :)
good day, eh?

hello spring. :) summer. :)

Goodness me! Isn't this lovely? The rain is wonderful and the smell is fabulous!
I just ran into these photos that i took of this crocheted blanket i made for my baby niece who has now just turned two! she's just adorable..

It is crazy how big it got! i never took a photo of it once it was done. :( i don't know why..?
And I even stitched on a pink crocheted chain that spelled her name in a cursive script. It was green. It was warm. and she loved it. *grins*
I only wish i could show you the finished project but.. alas! i have not a single photo of it!

good day and spring my fellow crochet-ing geeks!