Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Falcon

This is my car. His name is Bingley. He is 45 years young. He is a very nice car, but a little shy. You must speak gently to him and encourage him. If you don't, he loses all of his fragile confidence and wont budge an inch. He's been in the shop a lot lately and I blame my cousin Gary. For, every time he rides in Bingley he abuses him something terrible. It just crushes his feelings and he just can't go on! Could you go on if someone called you a piece of junk?

But, he is doing fine now. He's a good little car. He's pretty proud of himself at the moment. I took him to a car show a few weeks back and he got a vote for Best Falcon and he just can't seem to be humble about it. He also is all dressed up with a matching owl, Wolly Pop (name courtesy of my nephew), hanging on his mirror that Marguerite made for him for Christmas. I must admit, both Bingley and Mr. Wolly Pop are looking quite dashing. What do you think?



SisterlyLove said...

*MOOUUUAAAAHHH*! For Bingly not you Gen!

Miss C. said...

Cuuute car! Bingley is a fitting name. How fun!

Kathleen S. said...

How Funny!!! My minivan is named Mimi, because she's a gray, dolphin-like little thing. She is also prone to fits, however, and will throw a literal tantrum,ie, wave her windshield wipers around when I don't want her to. Bad Minivan! Maybe since we name those mischevious pieces of machinery, they think they can complain all they want...they're human now, right?! Ha!