Sunday, February 28, 2010

"uh-Mr. Collins at your service."

haha! I have wanted to post these photos since--"At four in the afternoon."--heh heh.. since my birthday in 2007! AHH! I'm crazy late, i know! but never the we are. :)
I had a Costume Party! it was SO much fun! we spent the evening around the campfire, resiting limericks and jigging about like crazies in funny costumes! :D aha! It was a blast!

~here we are. Us two, were thick as thieves. ;D~
I fear i quite resemble him.. ;D haha!
I even had a wee, purple weed like Mr. Collins!
(he is so squaty!)
These are my Ford-Dyce's sermons..
"I thought i might read to you all for an hour or two.."
And my clergy collar, as you see.
And of course, who could forget the wave?? HA!
It was an excellent costume party! "What a superbly featured room and what excellent boiled potatoes."
Even the Rum Runners made it! Along with Holly Golightly, Pocahontas, Edith Head and a Japanese Rock Star! (I wish i had photos of them all because they really were FABULOUS!!) And this ever-so fun and delicious cake was made by the ever-so splendid-ly Genevieve-idly! :) Manx, Gen!

So 'APPY BIRTHDAY to all. And to all a 'appy birthday!
have a lovely-ovely,
"My name is, William Collins, sir."
(aka. Aimee) tee hee hee!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"For the beauty of the earth..."

Christopher Columbus!
I was so thrilled when I heard about Miss Rebecca's Little Women blogging event! As it happens... Little Women in our house is pretty much an everyday event so I didn't have to go far for something to blog about. =]
I live in a log house in the country with my loving 'Marmee' and my two (still single) sisters. (But I think you already know that.)
Here is our home which we like to call "Orchard House".
And we do have a small orchard too. =]
We live our lives very like the March's in a lot of ways. We garden, sew, quote Dickens ALL the time, cook, put on "wild theatricals" and love everything that is simple, pure and good.
I believe the number one most played cd in our house is this -
Here is a picture of the last dress I sewed (by hand) for my civil war reproduction china doll.
"This is an afternoon dress." =]
"Butter! Oh, isn't butter divinity!?"
Marmee always makes our house so warm and homey!
But Hannah certainly is right when she says, "housekeeping ain't no joke." ha ha!I thought I'd post some pictures of our daily chores so you wouldn't think it all just happened magically.
I forgot to get pictures of the feeding of the chickens etc. Oh well... I'm convinced that if the March's would've had chickens, they might have complained about them a little. ;}

I think we could all use in our everyday lives a little bit of Marmee....

a little bit of Meg...
a little bit of Jo...
a little bit of Beth...

a little bit of Amy...

and a little bit of Hannah too!
The most important part of our lives is serving our Heavenly Father who always helps us through life's "sloughs of despond" and gives us so much to be thankful for!"Lord of all to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise..."

[If you'd like to see other bloggers additions to this event click on picture]
Thanks for reading my post! May you all have a fun and memorable week!
xo - Marguerite

Little Women - photo shoot

Gathering hops for wreath making.
Practicing wild theatricals. "I'm Hugo. Ah-HA!"
"Josephine March! You walked all the way from Walden Pond, in only these bloomers?""An old maid, that's what I'm to be. A literary spinster, with a pen for a spouse, a family of stories for children, and twenty years hence a morsel of fame, perhaps..."
"Evangeline and I will make you some Ginger tea."
"Housekeeping ain't no joke."
"Don't, Jo; it's so boyish!"

"Jo began to dance a jig,...Amy nearly fell out of the window in her surprise, and Meg exclaimed, with uplifted hands, 'Well I do believe the world is coming to an end!'"
Here is a photo shoot we did for the Little Women event. I hope you've enjoyed it! Thank you Rebecca, for putting it on! :D
Love, Meg and Amy
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