Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a Girl!

Just a quick post to introduce to you our niece....
Miss Amelie!
Born April 28th
11:30 PM
7lbs 6 oz
19 3/4" tall
Sweet as can be
There will surely be lots of pictures to come of this famous little one.
We love you all,
The Three Spinster Aunts :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Colds, Catastrophes and Contemplations

Hello everybody. =]
Here I am again. Let me rephrase that... Here I am, with a cold...again. Pooky! - as my nephew would say. =]
Oh well, "Life is full of these trials as my sister Mary reminds us daily." hee hee!
Well, I made the potato pancakes again. Or rather tried. I failed. Miserably.
Everything would've turned out beautifully only, I boiled the potatoes too long and therefor what happened was...mush. They turned into mush. So, I have resolved NOT to be a world famous chef. However... I AM going to try again!! Let the pancakes prevail! THIS time... I'll kidnap one of my older sisters and THEY will help me. And I will take ALL THE GLORY!!! MUA HA HA HA HA!!! ...ehem.. just kidding.
But I am rather inspired by looking at everyone elses blogs and wishing I could smell what's in the pictures! =] So I shall try my best. =]

Right now, I am reading the most WONDERFUL series. It is called... Little Women. *everyone sighs* =] It is my first time reading it, but definitely not the last! I just finished Little Women about a week ago. ( I didn't want it to end!!) And I HAD to start Little Men as soon as I was finished! If anyone, YES I mean ANYONE - males and females alike, has not read this series- You NEED to go to the nearest bookstore, your mother's house or bookshelf and pick up Little Women (Yes, the unabridged.) and soak it in. It is so good, it's like a guide book as well as a novel to get lost in....
It is so true to life the way it is written... It felt like reading my own life almost! =]
Not quite... I don't want to scare anyone away... But truly, It must be one of the best books ever written. And I am not exaggerating.
Well, while we are on the subject of books... you all need to check out Jane&Lizzie's book blog.
It's rather top notch!

Love you all!

~Marguerite xo

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Symphony and other awe-inspiring things

Now I vowed not to post any post until I had written the winner of all the "splendid" poems. (Which by the way i had the most ridiculous time of trying to decide! It was simply uproarious and dreadful! But such lovely poems! *batting eye lashes*!!!) and Sooooo I wrote this one after a wonderful symphony my sister was in! only as I said... I couldn't post it! Whahahahaha! but you may see it now...
Last night I went to a symphony concert all the musicians were "splendid!" *wink* and all sounded completely together! Though I would have to say, "The Second Violinists" were the best in the whole symphony and it wouldn't have been so if Genevieve (My sister!....heh heh) was not there.:) She is most amazing you know! She did Three entire performances with a dreadful cold! So let me tell you a bit about it.......

And there she was stealing the show as if a dog had suddenly woke up to find the mail man bringing the letters so rudely, (as the dog would put it.) first barking. Then howling. And finely, being lulled to sleep by the beauteous enchantment of meat balls and treats......And therefore the mail man, who's knees were knocking and shaking so I was afraid he'd fall down but he soon discovered the magic word......"treat".

Imagine if you were a dog. How wonderful and magical that word would sound. Just like to us, the sweet and glorious sound of..... "Chocolate" Mmmmmmm! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! *:d**slurp slurp slurp*. Licking of lips (if you didn't know what that was;).)

My dear lady's and gentlemen what are you all doing talking of dogs and treats!!??!! Its positively dreadful!!!! I wouldn't recommend treats for an everyday snack. I'd try them though!(as I'm sure you will never find such a sensation in our food that you would in a dog biscuit.) Though i must warn you! Do not be surprised in its-card-board-like-taste. I don't know what they find in there treats that's so alluring. Of course all our dogs probably have a gourmet chefs hat that they whip out when were not home. They most likely know how to make the most amazing French and Italian dinners. And all those from Germany, Turkey and Switzerland. Why yes indeed! I wouldn't be a bit surprised!
Ah but here we are talking of dogs and food again! How very droll. Really you must stop that this instant!

Shall we adjourn to the symphony?......

The movements nearly put me to sleep. It was so relaxing. And you should have seen it! I had a whole picture of what would be happening in a ballet (I could hardly stop my mind from exploding with dance steps and new ideas when the song ended! durrrrrr...) First there was the most exquisite round ball room. There were huge glittering chandelier's hanging everywhere on the ceiling. And tons of red sashes draping from chandeliers to chandeliers. The floor was covered with dancers in the most beautiful red Spanish dresses, twirling and swishing ruffles all about them. When the beautifully cut glass windows shattered with such a vengeance as the pieces went skidding about the floor everywhere. The wind raged about the room blowing the red sashes down to the floor. (This of course was a plus to the dancing!) The red dressed lady's waltzed with the sashes in grate circles and fancy figure 8's. When...... the chandelier's fell with many crashes and shatters.
I found my self alone. In a round room... Feeling very sad, you know, so with worried eyebrows I do some very mournful steps....;b
.....But it is not the end. I then find the chandelier's start to...... *sparkle*! The broken Chrystal's start glimmering with such delight, its almost quirky... "I simply can't help my self! I must dance with the glittering streams of light! My feet won't let me just watch!!!"......*cheesey musical part*!!

Those of you who missed it are not lucky a-tall! To think about all you missed is too much for me to handle! *hyperventilating*!!!!! "calm down calm down calm down!! *oooohhh-sssssaaaaawwwwwwwwww*.............
Very well folks! Y'all have a good ol' time now y'here?
I must go eat some Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!!!
Your huuuuummmmmble servant,

~Miss Aimee Spinster

Who Is Going To Win?......

What is this I hear? Charissa you indeed need discipline for this horrendous act? You should there by be punished for not posting the winner of the Three Spinsters Literary society! What does this mean? What is the world coming to?!? Oh for shame, for shame Charissa!

Apparently the due date for the winner award was to be Saturday the 17th of February. And... you didn't post it! OH!!!!!!!!!!!! *uncontrollably crying*!!!


...So sorry everyone that was my evil kn-evil side setting forth a bad example of "blame-the-other-one". I am deeply apologetic about this silly obtuse, very extremely, undoubtedly dreadfully, immensely dully, uncommonly drastically, exceedingly ugly, greatly disturbingly, unbelievably adequately, obliteratingly and to-the-point-of-extremely-dull and retarded. Please sit tight while i get my papers in order...

We have...


Merrily, Merrily,
I say to thee,'
I prithee, be of good cheer!'
Then thou sayest to me
'I will hear.'
A little story of Mine own,
That in the wee hours was sown.
'Tis not of melancholy and grief,
But of Joy and merriment! but yet 'Tis brief.
As the morn turns day, and alas, the day must turn dark,
So was the life of the Aardvark.
In his youth, ever did he like to dig up
And on the ants of the ground to sup.
Then bathe himself in the light of the moon,
Till he fell into deepest sleep when the night did swoon.
Just the dreams in his head and the music of the sky did he hear.
Not one sound as like to a dog or a deer.
Friends, had he none, the Aardvark of that land.
Yet lonely he was not for he had but known only himself and the sand.
Twas a sweet life and good,
For this Aardvark with no friend nor foe.
He cared not for 'goings on'And things that would 'carry on' so.
Yay, twas a good life.
For an Aardvark with no strife.
For he did so love to dig and to sup,
And to bask, then to up.
But as all stories must have an end,
It is best for this into the world to send,
He lived a happy life and full.
And to him it never seemed too dull.
As for the moral,
Which I'd hope none would quarrel,
I give to you this little message of good wishes;
He never had to wash any dishes.
The End.

by Marguerite


1)Sweet Sally Ann has a dear friend named Jan. Quite a pair they make; whenever they get together to bake.

2)The pair always wore bobbi pins; when going to visit next of kin. They always carried a comb in case their hair decided to roam.

3)One day Sally Ann and Jan made a new friend named Darlene; who wore clothes that were only dry clean. The trio could out shoot any one of ill repute.


1)School is cool!

**************************DRUM ROLL****************************





*opening the white envelope*!


*holding breath*

*sitting forward in your seat*

As you all know, this person, and these people have been through a lot. Together and apart. They have endured what i know i wouldn't know what to endure after the rainbow. But these people are on the tick-tack-toe grid, and there out standing appearance and rhymes have won the hearts of many of late. So it is my pleasure to announce the winner of our Annual Spinsters Literary Society!



with a double five star award!!!

Give it up for the the winner and the dazzling poet! *Cheers* Please stay tuned to here Olivia Coy make a dazzling speech! Congratulations! And hope to see you all next time!
~Aimee Spinster