Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Box Van Beans

Hello, I'm Johnny (the favorite brother). My sisters have been gracious enough to allow me some space on their blog. Thanks girls!
Just a few months ago I said to myself, "What is this thing called a blog?" Wouldn't you know, it was my younger sisters that schooled me about this thing. So here I go a-bloggin.
As you can see I am into old cars. This is a '63 Chevy II, loaded down for a camping trip to the Oregon coast with my family. This car along with the '63 Ford box van below, will be used in our business, Box van beans. My bride, Amanda, my children, Quinn, Erro and Amelie, and I are just getting started.
We are providing fine Hawaiian coffee from the island of Kauai.
We are selling it by the pound, primarily, over the phone and internet.
We are also delivering locally here in Bend Oregon, to individuals and businesses.
We are excited about selling coffee that's grown and roasted in the U.S. ,and about running a business as a family.
Please call me at 541-480-2441.
I have a small selection now, in order to offer it fresh.
Koloa Estate, (whole bean), (dark roast) $16. per lb.
Peaberry, (whole bean), (med. roast) $17. per lb.
Hawaiian Coconut Caramel Crunch (ground) $9. for 10 oz.
Estate Roasted, (whole bean), (vienna roast) $9. for 10 oz.
We buy our coffee from Kauai Coffee Company.
I will be posting more information as I am able.
Please visit the Kauai Coffee website for more description of the coffee.
Thank you, Johnny with Box Van Beans.


Anna Kristine said...

Hmph...reject my comment again Aimee...and well...anyway. ;)

Heya Johnny! Glad to see you've been educated in the blogging world, though be careful...you may get sucked in and start your own blog and then well...it never ends.

(There Aims...is that good enough for you???) ;) jk

SisterlyLove said...

Kauai Coffee is SOOOO good!!
Give him a call.... buy it... it's "wee good" as Erro would say. =]

Hey Johnny!
Awesome post, awesome Box Van, awesome coffee, awesome Brother!
Love ya!