Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Afternoon Dress

I just did a post on Miss Emaline's Circle of Fashionable Friends about an 1860's dress I made for my China doll (to see the finished project click here) and This young lady was kind enough to ask to see more pictures of the one I made for myself! So I scavenged around and found these. They are not very good but they'll do the job! It is an 1860's afternoon dress made of cotton calico. For the bodice I used this pattern and cut the neckline different and for the sleeves I used this pattern. I'm sorry to say that my dress is not ironed in ANY of these pictures. For shame!Here is the dress with a cotton blouse underneath for morning and day time.
I trimmed it with white piping (everyone is always telling me that they didn't do contrasting piping in the 1860's... All I can say is, "Were. You. There?") and also with a pretty cotton lace. There are covered buttons fastening it down the front.
The skirt is 4 panels around to fit over a hoop, with a gathered ruffle sewn on near the hem, hand gathered into a waistband and sewn on to the bodice. This picture shows the truest color of the ruffle but still doesn't quite do it justice.

There is a growth tuck just above the ruffle because I made it too long and then did not have time to make it look like it was supposed to be there before the event we were going to. phew! And as is most often the case with me... it is still there looking weird to this day.
So there you have it! The best part of this dress is how much fun it is to wear! The ruffle makes the skirt have a great weight and it moves really beautifully! I wish I had some better pictures but alas... ah me... and all that. =]
Have a lovely day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


for this dress..
isn't she beautiful?
I love the lacing on the side/back seam. and the neat-o straps! check it out! they're skinny in the back and them wide on top! who'd-a thunk it! i wonder if they go skinny again in the front.... hmmmm.. that's the trouble with paintings. only one picture of them. *huff* but oh well. i guess you could think of it as a chance to come up with something original. ..
when i make this, *eyebrow action*, i will pose like this. with my hair in a draping braid and playing a lute! :D
if only i had a lute.. *sigh*

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my silly..

Hello silly people! how do you find yourselves today? a polyvore for all the sillies out there. :)

lovely day my sillies!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ch air

it's fun to sit on air.
but if you fall and get a bonkin',
then i suggest you get a chair. 

goodness! wouldn't you love it sit in this?? 
but of course you would need a very neat vintage dress to suit it....
haven't you been inlove with this dress for ages? words fail me to describe's so fabulous!
but it's a lobster! and why WOULDN'T you want a lobster on your dress?
i had a thought... to embroider a lobster on a dress like this one. 
what do you think?

"What a day for a daydream," eh?