Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Here's a fun and easy project for the family on Thanksgiving Day while they are waiting for the turkey. We do this every year and we all have a great time standing around it and writing down things that we are thankful for. We all love it...from Grandma to our little two year old niece.
Here are the things we were thankful for last year.
Just take a big piece of blank news print or poster board (or, if you don't have that just tape several pieces of paper together), tape it to a wall, write We Are Thankful (or something to that effect) in big letters and put a big jar of colored pencils next to it. Start counting your blessings! Don't forget to take a picture at the end of the night so you can look back at what you were thankful for and to laugh at the funny spelling! i.e. last year my nephew was thankful for "Bubels". Priceless.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cinderella, you're as lovely as your name... -- MMMM

I'm listening to this song and wishing i was not sick and could smell all the lovely smells that i know are simply diving into my nose. *huff*.. oh well. But i am in the process of putting a magazine together.. Who knows if it will even work, or by the time its done, if you would have already long forgotten what it was i was making. but something will, perhaps, come of it. and if it does, i will most gladly share it with you. ;)

for this Monday Moments of Mere Movie Madness...i think that was only supposed to be 4 m's..
I have just fallen inlove with Cinderella.. She's so lovely!
I even found these lovely Cinderella things on etsy:
Fabulous pair of greenish shoes
Gorgeous bows...Shoe clips
Simply divine Recycled Journal
Beautimous flowery wreath

now listen to this song~


I'll tie your shoesies..

These two are my favorite duo! They're too cute.. I wish i could get the Andy Hardy movies in a big collection on Amazon or something...But they ain't anywhere! Oh, please, help me to find them! I know you'd love them as much as i do.. ;D

oh I`m the chapie to make ya happy
I`ll tie your shoesies, and chase you bluesies
oh lady would ya, could ya use me

Watch this video clip from 'Girl Crazy' It's my favorite song in this movie..

Have some pittie on an easterner,
show a little sympathy
no one could possible could be steerner
than you have been with me,

a.. theres a job that I`m applying for
let me put it to ya thus
theres a partner ship I`m dien' for
Mr. and Mrs. us

so before you file it on the shelf,
let me tell you of myself

oh I`m the chapie to make ya happy
I`ll tie your shoesies, and chase you bluesies
oh lady would ya, could ya use me

now I`d shake the mat out
and let the cat out
I`ll clean the garret
and feed the parrot
oh lady would ya, oh tell me could ya use me?

do ya realize what a good man your getting in me?
I`m no elker mason or woodman who gets home at three
the girls that see me grow soft and dreamy
but I`m a gander that wont falander
oh could ya use me, cus I certanly could use you

theres a chap I know in mexico
whoes as strong as he can be
eating nails and drinking texaco
he is the type for me

there is one I california
more romantic far than you
when he sings ha cha cha chornia
I often think he'll do

but as for you sir, i`m afraid
you will never make the grade

for your no cowboy, your soft, and how, boy
I feel no musel thats fit for tussel
I must refuse you, I cannot use you

'scuse me

no night life for the
birds would bore you the cows wont know you,
a horse would throw you,
you silly man you
to ask me, can you use me?


though at love you may be a wizard, i`m wanting to know
could you warm me up in a blizard
say, forty below
your ties are freakish
your knees are weakish
your not a zender, you elbow bender
though you can use me
I most certainly cant use you aimee

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Night..

I'm going to sleep with this song in my ears tonight.. It's so lovely. :D


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it's snowing sweaters and acorn patterns

i guess i could just *sigh* right now...

Outside the window pane it is raining, snowing and sleeting. All at the same time. It remains colder than ever... Not cold enough to make the fond freeze over (yet) but cold enough to seep past your skin and rattle your bones. "Judy! Shake me up!"
How am i supposed to keep warm?? maybe i should make myself a sweater.. I found this lovely one on Ravelry...
I would have to learn how to knit though.. It's called Acorns.
I love the color of it. so pretty..

It must be all about acorns today! I just finished frosting some woodland Acorn Cookies that simply say, "hey!" to you, they're TOO CUTE! I hope to get some photos of them before they get demolished. ;) They're really yummy. ;) Hope to be up here with photos of all the goodies we're making today for this woodland themed baby shower! (Gen, you're going to do that right?) hee hee! "Once there was a magical elf who lived in a rainbow treeeeee..."

Please enjoy this song from Amelie...It's perfect for a rainy day!


Monday, November 1, 2010


It's November!! And you know what that means...

Out come the scarves...

Out come the hats...
Out come the sweaters...

Out come the jackets...

And on with the celebrating!!
Are you excited about turkey and cranberry sauce? 'Cause I am!!Love, Marguerite