Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lady's and Gentlemen Please Stay Tuned For The Election Night!



The closing of the poll will take place whenever... whether it be Today, Tomorrow, pehaps next year somewhere 'round May. Pehaps all. Maby nun.

Your election night host's will be Cornwall Newton Abercrombie, Horace Percival Wright and Edgar Bartholomew Finchley. All editors of the distinguished weekly newspaper "The Wright Word".


'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three being the number of the counting, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. Three being the number reached. You must then lob the holy hand grenade toward thy foe.'
'1 2 5 '
'uh three sir!'
'Right! 3!!!'
~Sir Bedevere of Camelot

Friday, October 19, 2007

*sniff* *snifffffff* "hey! hey! you're on!" OH INDEED!

I am very sorry for this rude interruption.
The election night has been postponed for (even i am sworn to secrecy) reasons.
Be not alarmed. For we will indeed have our "Miss Silliness" when the warning buzzer sounds!!!...Pardon me. *slap* ... indeed for we will have our Misssss-insane ...uh... shenanigan...silvia...sickining saliva su su su so seen. uh???.. help me out here phat bunderduff!!! "Ah-yes sir Iiiii---" "shush shush shush!!!" "oh beg en your pardon sir i believe the word you're looking for is Miss Silliness sir" Right! "Miss Silliness" how could i forget? "uh perhaps sir because yyyu---" *KICK*!

We offer much gratitude and condolences to all that are put out.
And also we offer you 8 more days to vote! For thous of you who haven't!

big kisses.

Yours truly,
The Party Management

Silliest of Sillies?

Marguerite?could be...Well, here we are; with only one day left to vote. Please, everyone get your ballots and donations in while there's still time. Remember: you have only until 2:30am on October the 20th, 2007.The elections are raging! With ballots coming in and out, being read, torn up or posted on silliest home videos.Things are really heating up around here. Genevieve now has no votes! Since this afternoon one of, or should I say her only voter saw fit to change parties in the middle of the election. The party of the first part (the one who changed parties) Now has voted for the party of the second part (The second runner up in the elections) To which the party of the third part (That would be the third runner up in the elections) is more than put out. It seems this mysterious voter (party of the first part), if ever found out, shall bear the brunt of the whole affair.Tonights spectrum will examine the whole question of parts and parties, parting and carting, crafting and laughing, switching and itching, knitting, mitting, sitting, fitting and litting. Litting. Is there a word litting? If there is what does it mean? If there isn't what does it mean? Perhaps both, maybe neither.Well, it looks as though things might get very messy! We are still counting ballots and looking for actual evidence of a party who changes parties periodically.If you have a late vote or ballot or even a stale custard, you can mail it to the election office at:888 888 888 888 NW keen ZWIIIIIING Ave. Ilchesterhowdywhosit, DUH.Or email us at: electionsillywingsofbuffalobangbangziiiipwilkinsjeroldvespawarrenifyouweretheonlygirlintheworldcrash@verysilly.comAnd now a quote from your beloved silly candidate #2 (party of the second part):
"...and I don't care that you have a thing for stale custard and-...what?! We're on the air?! Oh...uh, hello! And welcome to the silly*whaaa**zing* ping pong tournament-... What? Oh, wrong show. Hello, silly people. I very much appreciate your vote and hope to see more... More than one hopefully. Ehem... If you are sick and tired of these sensible social sillitards, don't tell me about it. I already know. I've come to save the day with silliness! Fear not; for your silliest dreams can come true! But only if you vote for me! *hic* This could be our last chance to revive the silliness that we once held so dear. *hic* So don't be sensible and vote for the other *hic* two sillies! Vote for me! The Silliest of Sillies!! AHAHHHHAAAAA!! *hic* "
~from the silly lips of: MargueritebuchannonhornpipesaladshooterBANGgoWHIMMMwilma furcoatQUACKappleblipdingalinghorsesensefromthecornersoftheearthSmith And now, a picture of ...the party of the second part (Margie--)'s silliness Mentor and cousin.
He's royalty also. But don't worry, Margueritebuchannonhornpipesalad-- Well, the party of the second part, is much more silly looking.
Thank you for being with us here tonight, and please join us next time on The Silly Channel for the Election Night Special!
A silly night to all, and to all a silly night.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vote For The Duck

Hey now, who changed their vote from ME to Marge?! What is the dealio here? I'm hurt. Down deep. I don't know if I'll ever recover. My liver is definitely suffering for this. If I ever find out the perpetrator I shall send you the doctor bills. Oh, oh, spasm! Spasm!! I am in agony.

...n'kay...I think that I'm going to try and out do my opponents. Let's see.....Maybe this little poem will convince you that I truly am the silliest.


"I have a friend that quacks-a-lack

Yes, all the time.

Always quacking-a-lack

But, I don't mind

Do you know why?

Come here little poodle

I'll tell you....

If he stops he will surely quack-a-leak

On his little quack-a-beak

And the floor will have quack-a-cracks

And the floor boards will swell

And start to smell

Then, my friend will quack-a-black

And tell everyone who quacks-a-crack

That it was me who quacked-a-lack,

And quacked-a-leak

In my quack-a-beak

That quacked-the-crack

That caused the wise quack-a-crack!"

The Quack-a-End

Well, that's about as good as I can do under the circumstances, it is hard to be silly when your heart is broken. But, I think I did a pretty good job. See Daffy above (that's the smug look that I have on my face right now.)

Vote for Gen!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Vote For Aimee"

Well Folks!
Were back And Ready to here your votes!

Today's runner up is still Aimee. She is most exited to be in the lead and aims to keep it like that! She quotes: "I think i would be a great Miss Silliness be cause i would always live up to every body's (including my own) expectations: TO BE SILLY AS POSSIBLE! I am greatly honored by your votes. And always will be for more! Remember only three days left! Vote For Aimee!"

Did you here that everybody? Shes counting on you to place your bets and votes! Hurry up the time is running out!

Genevieve 1 { fair

Marguerite 0 { not to good

Aimee 3 { excellent

With three days left to vote these girls have gone absolute bananas trying to out-do each other and win the award for best at silliness.

Below is a picture of Aimee's Silliness Mentor:

Remember Aimee is counting on YOU!

Can't decide? Aimee requests you read her comment on "Miss Elizabeth Bennet" (Signed Adelbert Ames)

FINE PRINT: To help Aimee win place your vote NOW!

Or for more information please contact us.

Monday, October 15, 2007

"Vote for Gen!"

Our poll is starting to take off here, Aimee is in the lead by 3 (count 'em, 3!) votes while Genevieve is trailing with just one vote. And Marge is being so proper that she has not got one single vote! She's going to have to step up if she wants any votes in this Very Important race. Oh the suspense!

Here is a quote from Gen, the runner up in this Very Important race to the top:

"All I can say is that the utter depths of my being is bent upon winning! I practice day in and day out being silly in my mirror. Thank you, you wise soul for voting for yours truly. I will try not to let you down!!! Tell your friends to VOTE FOR GEN!"

Below is a picture of Gen's Silliness Mentor.

Fine print: This post was paid for by the Silliness Party to promote Genevieve and her run for "Miss Silliness".

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Well, dearies, Lizzie won the poll! I already sort of knew that she would win. :) Here is a question for you: What is it about Miss Elizabeth Bennet that everyone seems to love so much?

Why, after all these years is she still adored and loved by all who read about her? It has been many years since Miss Jane Austen's time and still her character, Elizabeth Bennet is timeless. What makes her so? I would love to hear your thoughts on Miss Elizabeth.

Love, Genevieve

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Imagine your in an arrow-plane...

"Please return to your seats and fasten your safety belts immediately please!"

That's for you Margie!

we are such nerds. *wink* (.....but not really.)

Excuse me while i go play the GRAAAND PIAAANNNNOOO!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Goodbye Beautiful Summer, Hellooooo Gorgeous Autumn!

I'm always a bit sad when the end of summer draws near. I have to say goodbye to brightly colored flip-flops, warm sunshine, wonderful camping in the mountains (which I haven't done near enough of this year), sun bathing, swimming in the cool pond..many things that I love! But for all that I still get excited about the coming autumn. It's goodbye yard work! Hello wonderful vibrantly colored leaves! Hello harvest parties and bonfires and apple cider and cozy sewing days (I miss you, Lizzie!) with tea and scones and beautiful movies! Hello to all my piano students, new and old! (love you guys!) Warm scarves and SWEATERS! And possibly, the best thing about Autumn....Thanksgiving. Turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. Oh, heavenly!

So, goodbye dear Summer, I shall miss your bright smile and warm presence. I eagerly look forward to seeing you once more. But, in the meantime, I shall console myself with the homey, cozy Miss Autumn. We shall have such fun together and I will tell you all about it when I see you again. -Gen

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Beauty and the Beast...

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. But then, one winter's night, an old beggar woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart, and as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast, and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there. Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty-first year. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?
Don't you love Beauty and the Beast? Its my very most favorite out of all the Disney cartoons!
My favorite characters would probably be...The Corkey Gaston
Lumiere The Candlestick The Beast (of course)and Belle's wonderful too! I love the scene when they dance in the ballroom!
*Smooches* Much love! From Aimee
The End.

George Winston

And yes, I am George Winston. :) No, I'm not near as good as Mr. Winston, but I do admire him greatly. Click Here for his website. He is not only an accomplished pianist but also a wonderful guitarist and harmonica player! His concert was so amazing. If any of you ever get a chance to go see him in concert, I urge you to go! You will not be disappointed.

A few minutes ago, I heard Daisy singing...she thinks she's Josh Groban. *wink*


The Falcon

This is my car. His name is Bingley. He is 45 years young. He is a very nice car, but a little shy. You must speak gently to him and encourage him. If you don't, he loses all of his fragile confidence and wont budge an inch. He's been in the shop a lot lately and I blame my cousin Gary. For, every time he rides in Bingley he abuses him something terrible. It just crushes his feelings and he just can't go on! Could you go on if someone called you a piece of junk?

But, he is doing fine now. He's a good little car. He's pretty proud of himself at the moment. I took him to a car show a few weeks back and he got a vote for Best Falcon and he just can't seem to be humble about it. He also is all dressed up with a matching owl, Wolly Pop (name courtesy of my nephew), hanging on his mirror that Marguerite made for him for Christmas. I must admit, both Bingley and Mr. Wolly Pop are looking quite dashing. What do you think?



This is Margie.

I was just thinking about girls and their friends. I love my friends. =] ...and my sisters. Sister's are really just girlfriends that you share a house with and are stuck with for life. *cheese*

Right now, I am a teenager. A word that is usually frowned on by most. But for me, It's a word that means ...freedom. =]
When you are a teenager, it's your time to learn, grow, share and have time for friends!

This time is very important to me and to all girls I think. It's our time to get to know our girlfriends and....ourselves. I don't think I really knew myself until these last couple years. And even now I keep changing my mind. Ha ha!

One of my favorite quotes is: "The only sane people in the world are me and thee; and sometimes I wonder about thee." *smiles* I think that was my Grandpa who used to say that. =]

Genevieve is playing the piano right now. She thinks she's George Winston. =]

She just got to go to a George Winston concert!! LUCKY!

well, I must go.. And to all my Friends... I love you all so much!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Among Other Things...

We're Marguerite and Aimee.
We're a couple of sickos too. But, c'est la vie!

Let me tell you a little about us. ...the three of us.

We all love to sew. sing. dance. laugh. cry. eat. read. cook. praise God. play music. brush our long luscious hair. aaaaaand..... be happy.

in our spare time we like to watch musicals and plan/sew historical costumes among other things...

yeah. You guessed it we're Nerds. But ...Nerds have more fun as Genevieve once said... and keeps on saying!
~Civil War Dress~

our Ballerina Outfits for the Masquerade Ball
well that's all folks!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Coughs, Quilts and Dissapointments

I am sick with a cough. Not very much fun of course but maybe I can find a positive note to this. Hmmm...let's see....well it did give me a day of rest which was nice. I also got to spend some time talking with our friend Darla who is staying with us. We had a lovely talk on the role of a wife. I watched a funny movie and laughed a great deal. I also had some time to start a baby quilt that I will be making for my sister-in-law's new little baby due in April! Maybe I'll get this done before the baby comes this time. I just finished a quilt for a friend who had her baby last March. Above is a picture of darling Chryseis Mathilda back in June with the (unfinished) quilt.

Well, I'm being so positive about my malady that one might wonder if I was sick at all! Well, I shall prove it to you by confiding this sad story...

I did not get to attend my lovely friend Lizzie's prayer meeting for her mission trip (to ENGLAND!) coming up. I will be praying for you my friend! I will miss her so.

By Genevieve