Friday, October 19, 2007

*sniff* *snifffffff* "hey! hey! you're on!" OH INDEED!

I am very sorry for this rude interruption.
The election night has been postponed for (even i am sworn to secrecy) reasons.
Be not alarmed. For we will indeed have our "Miss Silliness" when the warning buzzer sounds!!!...Pardon me. *slap* ... indeed for we will have our Misssss-insane ...uh... shenanigan...silvia...sickining saliva su su su so seen. uh???.. help me out here phat bunderduff!!! "Ah-yes sir Iiiii---" "shush shush shush!!!" "oh beg en your pardon sir i believe the word you're looking for is Miss Silliness sir" Right! "Miss Silliness" how could i forget? "uh perhaps sir because yyyu---" *KICK*!

We offer much gratitude and condolences to all that are put out.
And also we offer you 8 more days to vote! For thous of you who haven't!

big kisses.

Yours truly,
The Party Management


Charissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am writing you as I so faithfully promised I would (about a month ago lol).
I do miss you darling and hope you have not given up on our Pride and Prejudice night. I cannot wait to see! Much love from across the see.