Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Potato Pancakes

Hello everyone.
I'm back from the land of the living.... wait...

Life is busy. Right now, I'm getting ready for a wedding, sewing bridesmaid dresses, getting ready for a dance recital, (not to mention all the little in between things..) and hardly being able to wait for a trip to the beach!!
In the mean time, I have plans floating around in my head for projects and parties and 'what nots'... Hopefully one day I'll be able to post more things on here. "'But... c'est la vie.' As the Romans say." Ha Ha!
It seems like everyday I think of, AT THE LEAST, 2 or 3 things that I should make or sew or who knows what!? And if you add it all together.... it's scary...
Aimee doesn't think it's as scary as me.... whatever that means.
I just turned 18!! Yikes! I think Ive been told at least 12 times in the last week: "Now you can be tried as an adult!" --yeah, thanks.

Oh yeah, Potato Pancakes... Aimee has been bugging me to post something about the potato pancakes that I made. So, here they are.

The stage before they look like something you can eat...

Not very appetizing...
Fry 'em up...
Serve with sour cream or apple sauce.

Mm, mm good!


Friday, February 1, 2008

Shall we all play a game?

I know!...You are all allowed to write any rhyme you choose. Though you must play by the rules. It MUST be original!!! You can think of the most rediculous thing your mind can make up! Or shall I put it...ONE THING: Very clever. TWO THINGS: Moderately clever. or THREE THINGS: Very dull indeed! And pray do mark your name in the comment that contains your rhyme for then I may be able to keep you all straight! And since I am the host, I shall start!
This one you may be able to picture it more clearly if you sing it in a most Teeeedious country fashion! It's called:

"Big Bill Bungalow"

1.) Big Bill Bungalow.
No name for a bill. Although
Big Bills known for the best cup of joe
Just about everyone would say so.

2.) He hangs around the dusty streets.
Polishing shoes of stinky feet's.
With Davy Dunn he competes.
But Bill's cup-a-joe no one can beats.

3.) Come one Summer,
Big Bill's a plumber.
Kids all say he ain't been more funner.
But the real reason is he just got more dumber.

Very well my dear ladies and gentlemen. I have recited my THREE THINGS of "Very dull indeed!" So now it's your turn to take part in your own: 1 of "Very Clever.", 3 of "Very Dull Indeed!" or 2 for "So-so." Pray do so and the winner shall be rewarded!

With best regards,
Miss Aimee of the Three Spinsters Literary Society