Thursday, October 11, 2007

Imagine your in an arrow-plane...

"Please return to your seats and fasten your safety belts immediately please!"

That's for you Margie!

we are such nerds. *wink* (.....but not really.)

Excuse me while i go play the GRAAAND PIAAANNNNOOO!



SisterlyLove said...

heh heh...

"I'll... uh, do the worried walk now."

"Please take your luggage and place it on the other side of the aircraft; Except your hand-luggage, which you should sit on!"

"But do not unfasten your safety-belts."

"Tea will now be served."


SisterlyLove said...

You are right, you are weird. Me too, me too!! "Excuse me sir, but why the silly voice?"
The weirdest thing about us is that we are the only ones who leave comments on our own page....
"Oh..AN hoop!"

Miss C. said...

hahaha! You girls are too funny!