Monday, March 23, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Lovely Spray of Scent

The Little Rose Tree

by Rachel Field

Every rose on the little tree
Is making a different face at me!
Some look surprised when I pass by,
And others droop—but they are shy.

These two whose heads together press
Tell secrets could never guess.
Some have their heads thrown back to sing,
And all the buds are listening.
I wonder if the gardener knows,
Or if he calls each just a rose?

These are my very favorite roses ever, ever, ever, ever! there called "Spray Roses" they come in a big variety of colors and are very heavenly to look at and most importantly to smell at... I spent almost an entire road trip with my face buried in them! ahhhhh......... But the pictures don't do them justice AT ALL! which I am very sad about.... But I thought I would post about them so that you all know what kind of roses I like when and if you ever need to get me a rose or two.... *hint* *hint*!! hee hee! Although, I would prefer Spray Roses to any other rose I have ever met, I'm not very particular about roses, but they must smell good. THAT is an absolute must.

Don't you agree?