Friday, February 10, 2012

Part 5: Sail my heart away..

What a pleasant way to receive a letter. I wouldn't mind having one (or indeed several) paper boats dropped into my mailbox at the end of the lane.

This is an easy and fun way to make your Valentine card more pleasant.
Why don't you watch this video tutorial and see how easy it is.
"How to Fold a Boat♥Shaped Folded Note." -video tutorial (scroll down)

This paper boat requires:
♥one piece of "letter size" paper. striped or not.
♥decoration. (this is oddly optional.) hearts? a quote? a poem? a novel? get out that dusty box of crayons you've been saving all these years. there must be something pink or red.
♥and much love.

I have also made a sweet discovery: "How to Fold a Heart♥Shaped Folded Note." -video tutorial 
It's lovely!

Happy Valentines!


SisterlyLove said...

This is so very lovely! Aimee taught me how to make a paper boat and I've been making fleets of them for my nieces and nephews and friends. =]

Another fun thing to do with them is to have a boat race!
Set them on a hard surface (a wood floor works very well) and blow them with all your lung power to reach the finish line! It is VERY fun! ...just don't pass out!


SisterlyLove said...

hee hee! YES! I think I should have passed out from all the laughing I did while merely watching the race.
Good idea, sis!