Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lady Valentine...winner of the giveaway!

Hello and Happy Valentines Day/week/month/ long can we drag this delectable holiday out?
I am pleased to announce the winner of this fabo-fabo Puffy Heart Ring...
{We drew her name out of a boot! Marguerite didn't agree. But I told her we wouldn't be sending the piece of paper anyway. hee hee!} 
our winner is..

Ella from Sweet♥Ella.

Congratulations to you!

Thank you all for joining us in the giveaway and other Valentine posts. It was simply scrumptious. We relished each of your wonderful comments. 

Good day and Happiness,
Genevieve, Marguerite, and Aimee


Ella said...

Thank you so so so so much!!! Its so lovely! I just responded to your e-mail!


Knitted Home said...

Congratulations! haha, I love that you drew it out of a boot :]