Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Part 2: Free Printable Valentine Bookplates

I hope you are collecting all of your good ideas and gathering more feathers to put in your cap for Valentines Day.
I have a free gift in honor of the holiday. These are perfectly splendid for keeping track of your books. This particular design is a Chinese inspired water color. The flowers are Cherry Blossoms and the Chinese Character means love. Simple to print and cut out.
Thank you for joining me for these Valentine posts. I hope you will get inspired to make your Valentines Day special this year.

Download the photo above for a Valentines gift. It's sure to make their day.
(Please do not sell this Pretty Wit design. It is for personal use only.)

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Have a Pretty Day!


Anna Kristine said...

So pretty! :)

Knitted Home said...

LOVE your book plate design! What movie is that with Adrian Brody? Have you seen him in Darjeeling Limited? :]

SisterlyLove said...

Thank you, Anna!
I have not seen that film. I have seen little movies with Adrian Brody but I've liked him in everything I've seen him in. This particular photo is from "The Village". It's a wonderful and beautiful but SCARY film. We love the musical score. It's SO pretty!

Shahana said...

wow, I like the way you have written.