Monday, February 22, 2010

willy nilly..

"Stealin' Willy Nilly? I can't understand what he's saying. Can you understand what he's saying?!" (Roy from season 1 of the BBC Robin Hood show) hee hee hee!

AWE! isn't this here sweet?? I was awarded by The Lovely Gwen Scarlett.. Though, you all probably know her as either "Earwen" or "Thought's-of-a-Shieldmaiden-Girl" or something else...."For she has several!" ;)

She has a super fun blog that she fills regularly with fun photos and graphics and creative thoughts. It has been an honor getting to know her I've had so much fun writing her! I don't know which of us is the crazier! haha! ;) She has a vast appreciation for the new BBC television show Robin Hood.. could say, we're 'two of a kind' in that corner, if not any other! She has a wonderful blog! though.. at the moment, is unavoidably detained. (her Internet crashed, i think.) I hope for you to check it out!
She graced me by offering not only this award but also, in her own words, "A golden arrow!" which had me giggling my heart away! haha! oh so funny! please do check out her blog! it's super cute!

Okay so, here are the rules (i guess): Those who receive this award must (sheesh! how demanding!):

•Do a post about the person who awarded you, and their blog. (*snicker*)

•Give the award to 5 of your favorite blogs, give a reason, and leave a comment telling them they have been awarded.

•Answer the 10 random questions (this is crazy complicated! if you don't really want to..uh..don't. ;))

•Have fun! (that's an absolute must.)

I should like to award (the flower thingy somewhere near the top) these sweet girls:

Anna from:
for her lovely blog filled to the brim with lovely sewing and crafty bits! also, be sure to check out her etsy shop! at which she just posted a pair of original Mittens! SO CUTE!

Heidi from:
for her fun style of writing and all her fun photos and posts! My favorite: this post about Extreme Ironing ! It is SO FUNNY! hahaha!! shall we do that sometime, Heidi? *cheese*

Leah from
yay! she posts lovely posts of yummy recipes and lovely songs and fun Plays and theatricals! And scrumptious photos! please look at her Photography blog too! they are beautiful!

Ten Random Things About Myself

1. I can wear a sweatshirt 20 different ways. for cereal i can! i covered a post-it note with tally marks and there were 20!

2. i guess the man i marry has to be equally weird..cause i would still like to do the same things i do now, you know? he'd want to dance old English country dances and dress up like robin hood and carry a bow and arrow for a self defense weapon.. and such like that.. you know the drill.

3. I love the color yellow! nothing is more brilliant.

4. (I don't know anything about the wincing with the ducks flying cabbage around but i must say that to not have been to a chick flick, Gwen, is....well...that is...) lets see.. how about this: I brake into Shakespeare monologues and faint all the time. sometimes at the same time! :) pretty impressive, huh?

5. I could not name my favorite movie if someone asked me...isn't that sad? sad sadity sadity..

6. I can swallow a total of 2 vitamins at the same time. I repeat: TWO! sad, again..

7. I practically get ambushed and Attacked by our Rooster "Pecksniff" almost every day when i go out to the chicken coup to feed the sorry buggers. he's a fright!

8. Happiness is my favorite word.. *sigh* is more of an emotion then a word..else i would say that was my favorite. :)

9. My randomness is vast..

10. Hot dog!..hmm...I tickle dead people. i guess..

heh heh.. Anna that one's for you! You mustn't die ever again or else I'll have to tickle you.. AGAIN!! *evil laughter and skulking with a billowing cape*

I hope you all enjoyed my randomness or Ambrosia Salad. (If it was the later, then i applaud your randomness exceedingly!) Have a random--..... just have a random. *stoic gaze into the abyss*

pretty merrily, pretty ambrosia salad-ily and OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!

i just had a thought.. wouldn't THIS bracelet make a wonderful addition to an Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit?? it's the perfect colors and also... the shipping is FREE!! If you live in the USA and are going to the opening night of Alice in Wonderland, then this is the bracelet for you! Curiouser and curiouser..



Leah said...

Thank you so much!! But... I don't understand which one I got? Golden Arrow or Favorite Blog? :D I <3 your blog!!!!!!!!

SisterlyLove said...

HA! Aimee.... (yes, I'm giving you the look.)

Y'all bus' me up!

xo Margie