Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eowyn's Coat

Do you remember on this post when I said I was going to make this coat?

Well, I started it today! Yipeeee!!
I hope to post updates, when I have them. But you know me...

My wonderful, beautiful, accomplished sister (the eldest daughter in our family), is helping me make it! She (and my other wonderful, beautiful, accomplished sister) bought me the fabric as a birthday present (as well as several rabbit skins for the trim!) and today we fitted the pattern.
Next Step: Cut out fabric.
Oh Boy!!
I'll try and get some pictures up on here when I can!Isn't she just so lovely and cute?
Anyway... wish me luck! Please leave a comment and tell me what costume (lord of the rings or not) that you're making! And the link to the post if there is one. =]
Good night dear readers. =]

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