Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bon Appetit!

Hello friends!
The week is rolling into the weekend. Ahhh.... *breathes a sigh of relief*
It's been a busy and very good week! I'm always happy when Friday comes along cause it's the start of my weekend. =]
This week was a productive one for me. Which is a big thing! I did a lot of little things around the house, (the kinds of things you don't get around to until it's absolutely necessary, if you know what I mean), and did my usual Nanny job that I love and the every-other-week house cleaning for our sweet and very dear neighbors. The big thing this week was, I got up on time every day. (Also a big thing for me) =] It is so nice to get up and "sit just quietly" and sip tea and read my Bible before I have to 'get movin'. I am in a much happier mood when I get up in the morning. It is a very good thing.

Tonight we watched Julie and Julia.

Here's a picture of the real Julia Child.And Meryl Streep as Julia Child.

An Excellent movie, if you ask me! It was wonderful to watch Meryl Streep play Julia Child. (Both ladies I so much admire and adore!) and Amy Adams is always so cute and clever! I remember watching Julia Child on TV with my Mom and older sisters when I was little. I always liked her immensely!
The movie was very inspiring! It made me want to cook! The only problem is that we are on a 'cleanse'. However... it is not too strict. There's lots of things you can do with meat, veggies, fruit and quinoa. =] Yes... I really like quinoa. It is not quite as good as cous cous, but it feels like your eating something filling.. which is a very good thing. =] But, I confess... this movie really makes you want to eat something with butter. The amount of butter there is in this movie is well... let's just say, I really wanted to eat something that was completely slathered in butter.
And it made me want to get this book! So to cheer ourselves up, we took a little 'holiday' from our diet while we were watching the movie. I had ice cream with blueberries and CHOCOLATE. LOTS of chocolate (in my case anyway). It was most wonderful! I figure, on 'cleanses', chocolate shouldn't count. It doesn't fit in the 'food' category... it belongs in the 'mental health and well being' category.
Well, I must be off to bed! I hope you all have a good nights rest and a beautiful day tomorrow! Meanwhile... I'll be dreaming of Paris and things cooked in butter. Bon Appetit!
xo Marguerite


Adelheide said...

I still haven't seen this movie, but now I really want to. Excellent review. I can also remember sitting with my Mom in front of the TV watching Julia. I could never understand why my Mom made such a big deal about everything "Julia" said! Now I understand :)

Abbie said...

I found your blog through Melinda's Abounding in Hope :)

I LOVED Julie and Julia. And I love all the talk that's going around about it. I remember watching Julia Child with my mom and sister when I was little also! Such a sweet memory.

Here's to butter... lot's and lots of butter!

Abbie :)