Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello chickens!
pleasantly, pleasantly!
GUESS WHOOO is having a GIVEAWAY??!! yes, it is Pretty Wit. :D
We are giving you a wide chance to win THIS GIVEAWAY! you may enter your name into the drawing five times! Yay!
In order to get five chances, you must go to THIS post and:
1. leave a comment with a way to reach you at (this equals 1 entry),
2. add Pretty Wit to the blogs you follow (this equals 1 entry also),
3. write a solution for The Three Spinsters and Tonto to somehow get out of the terrible mess they got themselves into! (this equals 3 entry's!)

So, all together you have five chances to win, if you do all three of these silly things! :D

Do not leave your entry comment here! Go to
THIS post!

Good luck, chickens!

(giveaway closes on the 7th of March, 2010)