Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"P.J.! Hiss! Put that on my luggage!"

This fashion weekend has been so MUCH fun!! I hope it will happen next year too!..or sooner? haha! no no we must all make more costumes first!! ;)
I know its well past the weekend but..I thought I would put one more. I don't know if you know but me and Genevieve were recklessly putting the last 3 posts on here plus putting them in the categories! We managed to squeak the last one in at exactly 12:00! *whew*.. I hope they qualified for the contests. we weren't sure since we do not have the same time zone as AmandaBeth. But oh well! please enjoy this last..er..I think.. Maid Marian fashion post. ;D

This is my Maid Marian Pyjamas that were somewhat all grab-n-go stuff! I think that it turned out well and VERY, very comfortable! which is most important!I agree with fashionable Pyjamas.. I think i should like to wear nothing else! "well, the thing is" I never want to wear them to bed. I don't know why! it's just like murder to wear fancy clothes to bed.. ;) I wish i was brave enough.. *sigh* Oh to be fashionable even in sleep!
I LOVE the beading on this shirt! sooo pretty.. (psst! they are glued on!! isn't that faulty? oh well they look awesome anyway! ;))
It is fashioned after THESE PJ's that she wears in the BBC version of Robin Hood, episode 4 of the first season..
Love you, fellow maids! Hope your weekend parade has been even funner that mine!


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