Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maid Marian Week...

Here is my modern Maid Marian outfit. Inspired by this outfit (below) that she wears in the second season of the BBC show.

Of course it must have a hood!
I thought these little designs looked very medieval!

I braided my hair the day before and then left it in all night so it looked like this.
Of course then afterword I looked at the picture of Maid Marian and saw that she had her hair in a bun which is normally how I wear my hair. Doh!

These boots are my favorite things! They are so warm and comfy!

These are all things I pulled out of my closet.
grey pants: Merona - brown leggings: Mossimo - blue shirt: J. Jill - blue sweatshirt: Drifter - boots: Brilliant

Thank you Amanda Beth for hosting this lovely party!
Everyone have a fabulous week!


Beth Ann said...

What a great look! The hoodie is really cute. :)
My outfit is supposed to be more modern- lol, I think I ended up making it look more medieval. haha Really like your outfit. :)

Amanda Flynn said...

Nice job and a fun outfit! Beautiful hair! :)

QueenOfLillyFlowers said...

gorgeous, Marguerite!

Farmgirl said...

"Ah...nice one!" Your so cute. :) Love

Anna Kristine said...

I just noticed I was logged in under my mom's account when I commented. That was me though. :)

SisterlyLove said...

Thanks everybody!
I've had such fun during Maid Marian Week! I hope we shall all do it again! =]