Monday, October 26, 2009

Marian the maid of Sherwood

Hello merry outlaws! Here is my photo shoot of Maid Marian.. oh isn't she just lovely? I am wearing a VERY purple dress that was a hand-me-down-costume and Marguerite's Graduation Hat. It is more like Olivia de Haviland's Maid Marian rather then anyone else's versions.
(All photos by the lovely Maid Genevieve! manx!!)
I didn't mean for it to look like this dress but when i put it on.. well i had to do something somewhat like the pose! ;)
Not all of the photos are with the hat because there was extreme winds that day! yikes!
After we turned more towards Lucy Griffiths' version of Maid Marian. And the style of it reminded me of these two dresses..aren't they lovely?

what do you think of 'spying on the sheriff' for this one eh? (below) tee hee hee!

"who is she running from?"

"the funny camera girl.." ;)"Who is she laughing at?"
"heh heh.. The funny camera girl." ;)
Here i am hiding in the forest with the other outlaws.. "Mushrooms!"
no.. I'm playing bad mitton with Ent. i know, I know thats Lord of the Rings! "sorry...really." ;)

didn't it definitely look like a game played with the tree?? that is one of my favo favo parts in the cartoon when they play bad mitton! and then 'Robin' comes and saves her from 'Prince John' haha! "Oh this is so exciting!!"

this is the bush i would think to hide behind if i was wearing this dress.. My second favo favo..*sigh* I love her hairstyle in this one too!I know I know.. she doesn't wear one of these, to hold a sword with, but i don't have those coolio arm gards for a bow and arrow.. and..well i don't have a bow and arrow either..*sob*
I hope you have enjoyed my Maid Marian wardrobe so far! I am running a bit late so i hope i get all of my modern ones in tonight!
Good day fair maidens of the forest and gentle nobles of the castle.. Be ever steadfast, strong and mighty in His name.
Thank you Amanda Beth! I hope you do this next year too!!! ;) anyone else want it to happen again? yay!
xoxoxxx Aimee

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Anna Kristine said...

Goodness what fun and how lovely you look! Yes, I'm all about it happening again especially since I didn't get my dresses done! :( SAD.
Anyway...your photo shoots are so lovely and inspiring. Now I really want to get my dresses finished!
Love you!
"Just because you go along with..." ahem.