Monday, October 26, 2009

Modern Maid Marian #2

Another Maid Marian inspired outfit.

this shrug i refurnished from a knit snap-up shirt. It looks tunzo tunzo like this one..right?..unfortunately without the beading.. but the snaps do give it a extra zing.. and you cant see it but the fabric on my shrug is ribbed so it looks striped like marians! :)
My attempts at tai chi..
pretty good huh? ha ha!!
crazy funny! I didn't mean to do this exact outfit but i did! haha! the pants she is wearing look sorta green and they flare out like mine. and the dress was totally on accident! its not quite the same but it does look similar. :D
I'm sorta missing the short strait flipped out hair though. ;)
I love the back detail of this shrug! the buttons are black and pinched together, ruffling it a bit.

Pink Shrug inspired by Maid Marian-Handmade
Burgundy dress-Old Navy
Green pinstripe pants- Gap
Brown sandals-Curfew
Crocheted Necklace-Handmade
White puffed sleeved shirt- Old Navy

thanks for doing this amanda!

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Anna Kristine said...

So cute! I think this is one of my favorite outfits she wears in the series. I love her home outfits! :) Amazing...yours is just like hers. ;)