Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Past Presents Posted

Here are some Christmas and birthday presents that I never posted about!

This is a bracelet I made for my sister out of shell, glass and wooden beads.

I made these 8 quilted linen coasters for my mom for her birthday. I cut up some old linen pants I had for the underside and for the upper side I cut up an old linen vest. I just LOVE the fabric but the cut was not very fashionable anymore. I used the pattern from Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. I absolutely adore this book. The projects in it are very do-able and the directions are great. I have made several things from this book for various friends and family and they were all hits. Now, I need to make something for me from it. :)

I made this sewing bag for my sis. I am ashamed to admit that this was her Christmas present from about 4 years ago or something? Yes, I finally finished it. Eek!

These are some pillow cases I made for my sister for her birthday. She loves pink. :) These were also made from a pattern in the Last Minute book. With a few alterations to accommodate the fabric I had (scraps from this quilt).

I made this little turtle for my little newborn cousin Breanna Mae. The pattern is from Bend the Rules Sewing.

This is a knitted cuff that I made awhile ago. Just recently I added the star and the metal buttons and gave it to my friend for Christmas along with this iPod case:

Have a lovely day! :)
Love, Genevieve


Anna Kristine said...

Gosh Gen, maybe I should save my projects up and post about them all at once. Look at all the things you've made!!! I love Becks ipod case. :D And everything else. Your amazing!

Leah said...

What wonderful projects! You sure do keep yourself busy.

becks said...

I love my star cuff and ipod case! :D "ya know, Christmas is coming up...*hint hint*" haha, good times. :)