Monday, April 27, 2009

Barbie Day!

We had an awesome day with Anna a while ago and got to talking about Barbies so we decided to get them out and dress them up! So I thought I'd show you the photos!

The Purple Mermaid

Belle the Blond

Handmade Sparkly Angel

Cowgirl from California

Chicago in the 80's

80's Prom Dress

(you can't get any bigger sleeves than those...)

Singin' in the Rain...?

Pink's the new Black and Black is the new Pink!!

Beaded Bride Gown

(Complete with a life size be-hind bow!)

Pink Pocahontas

HEE! HEE! Don't you love 'em? Incredibly 80's and incredibly cool! Now its your turn! Get out your Barbies and there wild bought and handmade outfits and post them on your Blog! So that I can see them! love n stuff xoxoxo~Aimee


Leah said...

I love Barbies! We have boxes and boxes full of them!! We used to set up little houses for them by putting tape on the floor and creating little rooms and hallways and then filling them with furniture! :) They ALWAYS have the coolest outfits! I always wanted a dress like some of my dolls had! It is SO not fair. :P

Good times...

SisterlyLove said...

I know!! Its most definitely not fair! I always wanted that Pink prom dress for my self! isn't that funnie?? You should post about them Leah! I'd love to see them!

Anna Kristine said...

HAHA....that day was epic...I'm tellin' ya. :D

SisterlyLove said...

yes... good times..

SisterlyLove said...

Anna aren't you glad to know i refrained from putting Kens outfit on there?? Seriously! I don't want to scare people half to death! haha

Kathleen S. said...

I love that bride's dress! She is a quite sweetfaced doll--love those darling little eyelashes. And her elegant attire suits her facial expression just right--"I feel pretty, but I'm not vain about it.." :)