Saturday, April 11, 2009


I thought I would do an actual 'blog' from today, instead of my normal, "This is what we did several months ago..." =]

Our Mom went to go visit our Grandma who is a couple hours away, and Genevieve had to go to town. So, Aimee and I were left to fend for ourselves for a few hours.
We decided to use the time wisely and leisurely make a very yummy breakfast!I was in a Hawaiian mood so I put on my favorite Hawaiian cd...
(they're the first one the playlist)

First I made Tea. Guava Green Tea!! Yum! My Brother Johnny just started selling it along with his Kauai Coffee!... (I think...)
If you want to know more about his business, click here >> Box Van Beans
Or if you want to order some tea or coffee -- (trust me, you do.)
You can call him here >> (541) 480-2441
Aimee made this adorable teapot cozy for our Mom. Isn't it cute! It works really good too!
And then I made German Hotcakes! (Which are kind of like crepes.)I had to make syrup because we didn't have any. So I threw some sugar, water, vanilla, almond extract and a pinch of cinnamon in and voila! Marguerite's Haole-Hawaiian-Syrup!
Syrup and butter is very good on hotcakes of course.And this (below) was also REALLY good! We put it with sour cream. yum!And kind of by accident...
my cup...
and my pajamas matched the hawaiian theme! Ha ha!It was lani!


Leah said...

How fun!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Great-looking breakfast! And thanks, Genevieve, for coming over to look at my site and for commenting on the video!! I wish I could share it with everybody for the way it makes us feel!!
Happy Easter to you!