Saturday, November 22, 2008

Your Name in Elvish

Go here to find out what your name is in the beautiful Elvish language!

Love to all,


hmaricle said...

Hi thanks for coming this weekend, it was great fun!


Carla said...

Hey! I have tagged you :). Go to my Saturday post (November 22nd) for rules and details.

Anna Kristine said...

Cool! :)

~Eruanna or Erulissë

Amy said...

Very neat. . . I've seen this before!
I tagged you girls in a book meme!

SisterlyLove said...

The Sweetness and the Awesomeness is you Gen.
~ Henaradwen

Chrissy said...

AH! I love LOTR!!!
Except they never have my name. So me and my cousin found an Elvish dictionary and came up with Inemriel.
Then she stole it.
Either way my hobbit name is Lilac Dogwood :)
But I can steal my cousin's elven name for this note.