Monday, November 10, 2008


While we are on the subject of engagement rings, I will show you my "dream ring" Well, ok, "dream rings". There are so many beautiful ones out there that I simply cannot choose. I am quite glad that it wont be up to me. :)

So, if I had to choose just one I would most likely choose a solitaire diamond either brilliant or oval cut. I like the look of white gold or platinum the best but I also love rose gold. Another feature that I adore is filigree or engraving on the band. I prefer that over little diamonds on the band. But, of course, little diamonds are gorgeous also. Here is a picture of the closest that I could find to my ideal.
This next picture shows the type of engraving I love.

Here is a lovely example of what a Brilliant Cut diamond looks like. Isn't it beautiful? I can see a star in the middle of it. I think it is so beautiful.
I also love the look of these antique engagement rings.

I think this ring is so beautiful too. This is another antique style ring. Very different and beautiful.

And here are a few examples of rose gold. Lovely!! I love the antique look it gives to the rings.

Look how elegant this ring set it. I don't usually go for the bands covered with diamonds but I think this one is simply irresistible!

And just for fun I had to include this amazing ring from Tiffany's. Of course, it has a startling starting price of $37,000...........ahem.

Thank you all for the comments! It has been fun hearing about all the different rings that people like. :) Let's hear some more! What does your "dream ring" look like? Or, if you have one, tell us what it looks like! Or post a picture of it for us to see. :)


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