Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our sisters engagement ring!

I know I said a VERY long time ago that I would post a picture of our sisters engagement ring. So here it is! Of course, it looks bigger in real life. :) I wish I had a picture of them both together. It is so pretty!

What style or cut do you want for a wedding ring? Leave a comment and describe it to me!


Chrissy said...

hey just happened upon your blog
but I want an asscher cut diamond, very vintage looking, with a simple band :)
Course I'm still in high school so that's a little ways off.

SisterlyLove said...

Oooh! Lovely. Like this maybe?

Thanks for commenting!


Carla said...

Beautiful ring!

For me, I don't really want a diamond ring. I want my ring to have a ruby! And maybe diamonds surrounding it :). I would also like to be in a circle shape and the band to be gold.

SisterlyLove said...

Ooh! Look at this one I found!
Beautiful. :) Thanks for commenting! If you look back in our archives, you can see out other sisters engagement ring. It is a pink topaz with a few little diamonds. Very different and pretty. :)


The Jantzen family said...

Oh! It's SOOO pretty!

All I know is I want a Marquise shape. I don't really care what color gold or if there is anything else to the ring... whatever my man likes! What do you want Gen?

SisterlyLove said...

Oh yes, Marquis cut is SO gorgeous. So very regal I think. Look at this one!

You know, that's the cut of Cherie's ring too only hers is a marquis cut pink topaz with diamonds on the side.

Thanks for commenting! And yes, I agree, I think that I would love whatever "my man" :) would pick out just because he put the thought into it and picked it out just for me. :)
But, of course, I shall post a picture of my "dream ring" just to show you what I like. :)


SisterlyLove said...

Oops, I think that Her ring is a pink sapphire.