Sunday, November 23, 2008


We have been tagged by Carla and Amy! Here goes! :)

1. The first book was Manners and Customs of the Bible by James M. Freeman
2.Turned to page 123
3. The fifth sentence of page 123 is this.... hmmm.....we kid you not: "There's no reason to interpret, as some writers do, the expression "White asses", to mean asses covered with white comparisons."
4. The next three sentences are: " The intention is to indicate the wealth and luxury of the riders; And as asses wholly white, or even nearly so, are rare and costly, the men who own them must be classes among the rich and influential. Morier says that in Persia the Mollahs, or men of the law, consider it a dignity suited to their character to ride on white asses." "[Judges] V, 11, They that are delivered from the noise of arches in the places of drawing water, there shall they rehearse the righteous acts of the Lord."
5. We tag Anna, Sarah, Becca, Beck, Heidi.

1. Pick up the nearest book (that has at least 123 pages.)
2. Turn to page 123
3. Post the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.
Do it if you want. Ha ha!

We apologize for this post. Sincerely. We were just following the rules. To the letter. Which is weird for us. ;)

You all have a lovely Monday. :)
Genevieve, Marguerite and Aimee!

P.S. You might want to watch this video. You might not. But you should.


hmaricle said...

Sorry this is just too lame for me. :)

hmaricle said...

ok I stand corrected the video is way more lame than the tag. It wins the prize: a wheelchair.

SisterlyLove said...

Oh, the pain!!! :D ha!

SisterlyLove said...

I bet if Arwen was a donkey, she'd look just like that one. *cheese*