Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who Is Going To Win?......

What is this I hear? Charissa you indeed need discipline for this horrendous act? You should there by be punished for not posting the winner of the Three Spinsters Literary society! What does this mean? What is the world coming to?!? Oh for shame, for shame Charissa!

Apparently the due date for the winner award was to be Saturday the 17th of February. And... you didn't post it! OH!!!!!!!!!!!! *uncontrollably crying*!!!


...So sorry everyone that was my evil kn-evil side setting forth a bad example of "blame-the-other-one". I am deeply apologetic about this silly obtuse, very extremely, undoubtedly dreadfully, immensely dully, uncommonly drastically, exceedingly ugly, greatly disturbingly, unbelievably adequately, obliteratingly and to-the-point-of-extremely-dull and retarded. Please sit tight while i get my papers in order...

We have...


Merrily, Merrily,
I say to thee,'
I prithee, be of good cheer!'
Then thou sayest to me
'I will hear.'
A little story of Mine own,
That in the wee hours was sown.
'Tis not of melancholy and grief,
But of Joy and merriment! but yet 'Tis brief.
As the morn turns day, and alas, the day must turn dark,
So was the life of the Aardvark.
In his youth, ever did he like to dig up
And on the ants of the ground to sup.
Then bathe himself in the light of the moon,
Till he fell into deepest sleep when the night did swoon.
Just the dreams in his head and the music of the sky did he hear.
Not one sound as like to a dog or a deer.
Friends, had he none, the Aardvark of that land.
Yet lonely he was not for he had but known only himself and the sand.
Twas a sweet life and good,
For this Aardvark with no friend nor foe.
He cared not for 'goings on'And things that would 'carry on' so.
Yay, twas a good life.
For an Aardvark with no strife.
For he did so love to dig and to sup,
And to bask, then to up.
But as all stories must have an end,
It is best for this into the world to send,
He lived a happy life and full.
And to him it never seemed too dull.
As for the moral,
Which I'd hope none would quarrel,
I give to you this little message of good wishes;
He never had to wash any dishes.
The End.

by Marguerite


1)Sweet Sally Ann has a dear friend named Jan. Quite a pair they make; whenever they get together to bake.

2)The pair always wore bobbi pins; when going to visit next of kin. They always carried a comb in case their hair decided to roam.

3)One day Sally Ann and Jan made a new friend named Darlene; who wore clothes that were only dry clean. The trio could out shoot any one of ill repute.


1)School is cool!

**************************DRUM ROLL****************************





*opening the white envelope*!


*holding breath*

*sitting forward in your seat*

As you all know, this person, and these people have been through a lot. Together and apart. They have endured what i know i wouldn't know what to endure after the rainbow. But these people are on the tick-tack-toe grid, and there out standing appearance and rhymes have won the hearts of many of late. So it is my pleasure to announce the winner of our Annual Spinsters Literary Society!



with a double five star award!!!

Give it up for the the winner and the dazzling poet! *Cheers* Please stay tuned to here Olivia Coy make a dazzling speech! Congratulations! And hope to see you all next time!
~Aimee Spinster

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