Monday, March 10, 2008


Wow... Two posts by Marguerite IN A ROW! IT'S A MIRACLE!! Haha!
Well, I had to take a break from the clutches of my messy room and I stumbled across these pictures that I took a little while ago. Hope you enjoy. =]

Here are some pictures of a little Christmas tree that I got to put in my room!

"Do they still make wooden Christmas trees?"

"The Artichoke Angel" I made this angel out of a dried poppy head, and the fluff of an artichoke that went to seed. =] (She has wings that I made from little goose feathers too, but you can't see them in the pictures.)

Well, time for bed...


SisterlyLove said...

NO! and there never going to comment!
*Evil laugh*
Errrr! swash swash buckle buckle!

SisterlyLove said...

you scare me.


Annie said...

Haha... you girls are hilarious! I love your new page! It looks really cute. Are you gals recovered from the wedding?? Just to let you know, you all looked SO beautiful!Sigh, lovely.:) Let's do something soon Marge, okay? When you are recovered and are not busy. I love you SOOOOOO much my dear!