Thursday, April 17, 2008

Colds, Catastrophes and Contemplations

Hello everybody. =]
Here I am again. Let me rephrase that... Here I am, with a cold...again. Pooky! - as my nephew would say. =]
Oh well, "Life is full of these trials as my sister Mary reminds us daily." hee hee!
Well, I made the potato pancakes again. Or rather tried. I failed. Miserably.
Everything would've turned out beautifully only, I boiled the potatoes too long and therefor what happened was...mush. They turned into mush. So, I have resolved NOT to be a world famous chef. However... I AM going to try again!! Let the pancakes prevail! THIS time... I'll kidnap one of my older sisters and THEY will help me. And I will take ALL THE GLORY!!! MUA HA HA HA HA!!! ...ehem.. just kidding.
But I am rather inspired by looking at everyone elses blogs and wishing I could smell what's in the pictures! =] So I shall try my best. =]

Right now, I am reading the most WONDERFUL series. It is called... Little Women. *everyone sighs* =] It is my first time reading it, but definitely not the last! I just finished Little Women about a week ago. ( I didn't want it to end!!) And I HAD to start Little Men as soon as I was finished! If anyone, YES I mean ANYONE - males and females alike, has not read this series- You NEED to go to the nearest bookstore, your mother's house or bookshelf and pick up Little Women (Yes, the unabridged.) and soak it in. It is so good, it's like a guide book as well as a novel to get lost in....
It is so true to life the way it is written... It felt like reading my own life almost! =]
Not quite... I don't want to scare anyone away... But truly, It must be one of the best books ever written. And I am not exaggerating.
Well, while we are on the subject of books... you all need to check out Jane&Lizzie's book blog.
It's rather top notch!

Love you all!

~Marguerite xo


SisterlyLove said...

Yay! My favorite book! So glad you like it too. :)

SisterlyLove said...

Yes.. I'm afraid LOTR will have to share the pedestal... Little women is just too good. =]

OK..OK! What? Theodore Laurence??
I know it can't have been Gen that voted for him. It just couldn't have been!
AIMEE!! Bad girl!
As soon as I saw the newest poll
("Josephine March should have married")
I instanted had to change OUR vote because some bad person voted for the Laurence boy! OF course I knew it HAD to be someone who has not read the book... for shame...
None the less... FOUR others voted the same!?! INCONCEIVABLE!!
Have ANY of you read the book?
I must know WHO voted for Laurie!
In Sincere Outrage,

SisterlyLove said...

~Aimee~ Well well my dear!!! do not exert yourself so! Think not after it! I do beg your pardon! But let me a moment, why now for pity's sake let me explain myself! ahem...
I praythee do not so blame me! I do put all blame to...Anna! the owner of "thoughts and daydreams"! she made me do it!!! *crying wildly*!*sweeping away! as to return in better sorts*...