Saturday, April 12, 2008

Symphony and other awe-inspiring things

Now I vowed not to post any post until I had written the winner of all the "splendid" poems. (Which by the way i had the most ridiculous time of trying to decide! It was simply uproarious and dreadful! But such lovely poems! *batting eye lashes*!!!) and Sooooo I wrote this one after a wonderful symphony my sister was in! only as I said... I couldn't post it! Whahahahaha! but you may see it now...
Last night I went to a symphony concert all the musicians were "splendid!" *wink* and all sounded completely together! Though I would have to say, "The Second Violinists" were the best in the whole symphony and it wouldn't have been so if Genevieve (My sister!....heh heh) was not there.:) She is most amazing you know! She did Three entire performances with a dreadful cold! So let me tell you a bit about it.......

And there she was stealing the show as if a dog had suddenly woke up to find the mail man bringing the letters so rudely, (as the dog would put it.) first barking. Then howling. And finely, being lulled to sleep by the beauteous enchantment of meat balls and treats......And therefore the mail man, who's knees were knocking and shaking so I was afraid he'd fall down but he soon discovered the magic word......"treat".

Imagine if you were a dog. How wonderful and magical that word would sound. Just like to us, the sweet and glorious sound of..... "Chocolate" Mmmmmmm! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! *:d**slurp slurp slurp*. Licking of lips (if you didn't know what that was;).)

My dear lady's and gentlemen what are you all doing talking of dogs and treats!!??!! Its positively dreadful!!!! I wouldn't recommend treats for an everyday snack. I'd try them though!(as I'm sure you will never find such a sensation in our food that you would in a dog biscuit.) Though i must warn you! Do not be surprised in its-card-board-like-taste. I don't know what they find in there treats that's so alluring. Of course all our dogs probably have a gourmet chefs hat that they whip out when were not home. They most likely know how to make the most amazing French and Italian dinners. And all those from Germany, Turkey and Switzerland. Why yes indeed! I wouldn't be a bit surprised!
Ah but here we are talking of dogs and food again! How very droll. Really you must stop that this instant!

Shall we adjourn to the symphony?......

The movements nearly put me to sleep. It was so relaxing. And you should have seen it! I had a whole picture of what would be happening in a ballet (I could hardly stop my mind from exploding with dance steps and new ideas when the song ended! durrrrrr...) First there was the most exquisite round ball room. There were huge glittering chandelier's hanging everywhere on the ceiling. And tons of red sashes draping from chandeliers to chandeliers. The floor was covered with dancers in the most beautiful red Spanish dresses, twirling and swishing ruffles all about them. When the beautifully cut glass windows shattered with such a vengeance as the pieces went skidding about the floor everywhere. The wind raged about the room blowing the red sashes down to the floor. (This of course was a plus to the dancing!) The red dressed lady's waltzed with the sashes in grate circles and fancy figure 8's. When...... the chandelier's fell with many crashes and shatters.
I found my self alone. In a round room... Feeling very sad, you know, so with worried eyebrows I do some very mournful steps....;b
.....But it is not the end. I then find the chandelier's start to...... *sparkle*! The broken Chrystal's start glimmering with such delight, its almost quirky... "I simply can't help my self! I must dance with the glittering streams of light! My feet won't let me just watch!!!"......*cheesey musical part*!!

Those of you who missed it are not lucky a-tall! To think about all you missed is too much for me to handle! *hyperventilating*!!!!! "calm down calm down calm down!! *oooohhh-sssssaaaaawwwwwwwwww*.............
Very well folks! Y'all have a good ol' time now y'here?
I must go eat some Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!!!
Your huuuuummmmmble servant,

~Miss Aimee Spinster

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SisterlyLove said...

Aimee, you are positively, excruciatingly and without a doubt entertainly hilarious!
Love youuu,