Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eowyn Shieldmaiden Dress: Part I

 Here is my Eowyn dress. 
I have long been wanting to post these pictures and Thanks to my good friend Anna from The Art of Clothes, I have finally done it for the 2012 Costume Challenge. I did not work on this costume in February, but for me, posting it is finishing it. Hope that's ok... :)
Here is the original dress with a vest over. *sigh*
 And my interpretation.
  We couldn't have asked for a day with more perfect "Rohan weather". It was very windy. The pictures were also taken in the beginning of Fall so that helped. :)
 Aren't those clouds so amazing? My talented sister took all the pictures. Thanks Genevieve!
I used the same pattern as for my Medieval traveling dress, Simplicity 4940. But I had to change a few things. Here are the pictures I used for reference.
  Here are some detail shots...
 For the yoke I just added fabric to all sides of the pattern piece (except the neckline) before I sewed the pin tucks by hand. On the original dress, the tucks are closer together and the neckline is wider and has some sort of hooks to close the middle. I even hemmed the neckline on the outside like the original!
 I made removable sleeves, so I could change them to just plain, fitted sleeves if I want to change the look. I didn't have to change the pattern; all I did was finish the top of the sleeve and the arm hole with a binding, then crocheted a chain to use for the loops and laced it with cotton string. (And don't laugh at my off white string, it was all I had at the time! ;)
I also gave them a point which is opposite from the original.
The fabric I used is a lot heavier and stiffer than the original. I believe hers was a very drapey satin/crepe. Mine is a very rough, stiff, old sheet that we had in our attic. I really love it because it looks medieval and tough and more like Eowyn to me. But the problem with it is the sleeves are a little more poofy than I imagined them to be. But that's ok. 
I even did the little loops that gather up the sleeve at the opening! See?

 The original dress either slips on or has a zipper. The vest has one anyway... Shocking isn't it? I couldn't make myself put a zipper in a medieval dress. Sorry, can't do it. Instead I did 44 hand sewn eyelets. hee hee! Remember Anna? ALL those eyelets on your corset? Yes, you were my inspiration!
I also added boning to the back so the lacing wouldn't bunch. 

The belt was a $10 find from WalMart! It looks like the "scale" armor that the Rohirrim wear and has a pretty scrolly buckle with sparkles. Yay!
  The idea for the belt came from these she wears with other dresses.
The shoes I found at Kohls a few years ago for $7! I wish I had bought 10 pairs! I love them so!
I hope you liked this post about my Eowyn dress! I will put a few more pictures in upcoming posts, because there were so many fun ones I couldn't decide!
Love to you all,


SisterlyLove said...

It's so pretty!! Makes me want a medieval dress!


SisterlyLove said...

Thanks Gen!
Let's plan a day to make costumes, ok?

Knitted Home said...

So pretty!! Great job!! I agree; those shoes are super cute!! Great post; I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next :)

Anna Kristine said...

Wow it looks amazing!!! I know I've seen it in progress...and on you...but finally seeing photos outside of it in the wind and the looks so...real. You know what I mean? :) Thanks for sharing on the costume challenge! I miss sewing with you all! sigh...

Liz said... are so talented. It looks so amazing:D The details are so beautiful. I hope you have a beautiful day:)

SisterlyLove said...

Oh Margo, This is amazing! I just swooned when I saw all these photos! It looks simply stunning! The belt adds to it so much!
thanks for posting this, sister!

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh. that rocks. do you have any other lotr costumes? especially the cloaks, any ideas on them? thanks :)