Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I, on Wednesday, wore..

Howdy y'all! i am participating in The Pleated Poppy's
"What She and Everyone Else is Wearing on Wednesday" event that she holds on her blog!
It's been ages that i've longed to do it! - i hope you enjoy my clothes!

here i am. I am Wednesday. :)
♥Genevieve's Birthday and Cake-Making extraordinaire
I'm wearing
*Gray Shorts -Old Navy
*"Bend Bluegrass Festival" refashioned T-shirt -Made by me
*Shoes - invisible

later I added
*Cow Apron -made by little Genevieve :)

This is Thursday.
Next I am.
♥Sam I am.♥
How i am Friday
♥Cold n' cozy day @ the Beach

What i wear
*Aqua Blue sweatshirt -Old Navy
*Black pants -hand me down, Ang!
*Sea Grass hand-woven-while-eating-fish-n'-chips bracelet
*Toe Rings -Maui
*Sand -a beach on Earth
How do you do Mr. Saturday?
♥Aimee In Wonderland
what i'm wearing
*Striped half-sleeved shirt -It's Char bears'. :)
*Black cotton ruffled skirt -hand-me-down from Genevieve :)
*Blue Alice tights -Gap $o.75!
*Queen of Hearts shoes -Macy's-Hand Painted by me! *blush, blush!*
*Alice in Wonderland Bracelet -Pretty Wit

Love to you all! i've enjoyed every minuet of it!


Justine said...

Your weaved bracelet is definitely very cool! And I really like your Sam I Am outfit!


lindsey said...

i love the first short you made - that is so amazing!

SisterlyLove said...

thank you Justine! I had a jolly time making it! and i just LOVE Dr. Seuss! don't you?

Lindsey, what a fun treat you've got going on at your blog! this Wednesday thing is a really neat idea! thank you for the complement!

have a blast doing that event! i look forward to all your posts! and *ahem* perhaps i might bring myself to take some pictures of myself once i get out of my pj's for at least two days. ;D