Sunday, June 20, 2010

hello spring. :) summer. :)

Goodness me! Isn't this lovely? The rain is wonderful and the smell is fabulous!
I just ran into these photos that i took of this crocheted blanket i made for my baby niece who has now just turned two! she's just adorable..

It is crazy how big it got! i never took a photo of it once it was done. :( i don't know why..?
And I even stitched on a pink crocheted chain that spelled her name in a cursive script. It was green. It was warm. and she loved it. *grins*
I only wish i could show you the finished project but.. alas! i have not a single photo of it!

good day and spring my fellow crochet-ing geeks!


SisterlyLove said...

geeks?! Speak for yourself! I'm a NERD thank you very much!

Love you! Love that blanket. When are you going to make me one?


Kathleen S. said...

Yayah! Another post!!!! Been haunting this blog lately. :)

Lovely color choice, Aimee`, and I agree with Genivieve...each crochet addict should chose their own descriptive noun. Personally, I am a crocheting dweeb. Love that word, but only when *I* use Yeah. :P

Are you girls coming to Cmp D. in July? If so, c ya there! :D Did you know the J's from MI are coming too???? Yahoo!!!!

Anna said...

I'm neither...I'm a fanatic. So there. ;)
Oh've got me all inspired now. I'm trying to pick which projects not to pack right now...what should I keep out??? Miss you girls...see you in just 3 days. THREE DAYS!!