Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Golden Afternoon

Don't you just love the time of day when everything seems to be dipped in gold?

Here's Aimee in Wonderland.
It's so beautiful and peaceful.

Always remember to bask in the golden afternoon.



Hannah Rebekah said...

Very nice pictures. You are very skilled.

-Hannah Rebekah

Allison Elizabeth said...

I love the photo collection at the top! It is such a beautiful and peaceful scene. I wish I could jump right into it and read a good book or take a nap (instead of doing my chores, which I should be starting right about now. *winks*)

Allison Elizabeth♥

SisterlyLove said...

Thanks so much Hannah! You are so kind! :)

I agree with you Allison! A good book in the shade with a glass of iced tea maybe? :) Good luck on your chores.