Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our Tree

I forgot to post a picture of our tree! Well, here it is before we cut it down. Isn't it a beauty?


SisterlyLove said...

Beauty Eh?
How tall again????........... heh heh ......heh
yeah that will be the day...

SisterlyLove said...

And girls a-w-e-s-o-m-e awesome awesome awesome picture and poll! who picked it? And my dear's I absolutly was geekin' out about the quote! nearly fell off my chair...heh heh..

SisterlyLove said...

Daisy you naughty naughty girl! You have not posted a post since......Happy Birthday Quinn!!! You're in trouble if you don't at least post a picture of potatoe pancakes or something!
xoxo (*hic*!)

SisterlyLove said...

"Oh, give her a glass of water!"

Are you satisfied now?

~Marguerite François Louise of the House of Gent~