Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas 2007

Here are a few Christmas pictures! The picture above is called Christmas Explosion. :) That's what it feels like sometimes doesn't it? It's a good explosion though.

These are our stockings that our Marmee sewed and embroidered. She made one every year there was a new baby in the house. Every two years pretty much! :)

This was fun. We went to a Golf Course near our home that had a spectacular lights display that you could drive through. It was fun!

And this is our house...heh heh, just kidding. ;-)

This was our favorite! The castle of course! (pic by Marge) We really enjoyed driving around and looking at all the lights. We thought about putting lights up on our house this stayed a thought. A nice thought, but a thought only. :) Oh, if we had servants...hee hee! :)

We went to a party at Robyn and Scott's house. Just look at that food! They made killer clam chowder (Scott's Grandma's recipe). So good. :)

Isn't their house so pretty? I love their tree. At their house you will ALWAYS find candles burning throughout the house. Gives it such a warm and welcoming feel.

This is their house. They got their lights past the thought phase. :) Beautiful!

I hope that you all had a beautiful and merry Christmas.



SisterlyLove said...

Charming Darling! Positively charming!
wow yum yum! wasn't that super good food that night Gen? See ya TODAY!! .....duh. Anyway! love you lovelace!

The Jantzen family said...

Yay! The Spinsters finally updated their blog!!!

Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas!

Charissa said...

as aimee said: CHARMING ABSOLUTELY CHARMING!! :) lol
love you all :)

SisterlyLove said...

Are you mocking me Charissa?
heehee JK!
Love ya "Sharpie Girl"!