Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bingley's Progress Report

Hey there my friends! It has been awhile since I posted anything. So, I thought I would tell you a little about the goings on with Mr. Bingley, my car. As some of you know he was sick for about a month and consequently making my life a bit harder and more confusing. Lots of girls and not enough cars is a very stressful thing, don't you know?

So, Bingley broke down on me and I had to confine him to his room, a.k.a the garage. My very smart brother and I worked on him. Gave him all new spark plugs and filled him up with yummy oil. Nothing.

Changed the fuel filter too. Hmmm...nada. Checked the compression. That was normal. Still nothing. After all that and multiple test drives he was still sluggish. So, I opened up the hood and decided to stare at the engine. Not really sure why because I don't really know what I was looking for. However, I did notice that there was a tube coming off of the fuel pump that I thought should have had some kind of cap or something. So, next time my brother was here I showed him and sure enough the hose had gotten bumped off by accident. So, we fixed that problem. OK, here was the big test. I drove him and he was doing a little better but he was still giving me fits. *sigh*

"Well, Mr. Bingley, I'm just going to have to take you to the Doc (a.k.a. the mechanic)."

I made an appointment for Tuesday morning.

On Saturday I decided to clean the windows in the garage. In order to clean the windows I had to clear off the window sills. In order the clear off the window sills I had to clear of the workbench that is in front of the sills. In order to do that I had to have a place to put the stuff that is on the workbench. And in order to do that...well, you get the picture. I ended up cleaning the garage. So, I had to move Mr. Bingley outside. With much coaxing and choking he grumbled to life. I pulled him out and decided just for fun to let it run for 20 minutes or so and then test drive again. So, I did it and it ran perfect. Not a complaint or cough to be heard!! you think it was the threat of a Doctor visit that made him well? I think my car was just being ornery so he wouldn't have to work. The Slacker! So, I kept the appointment just in case it was just a fluke. But Monday came and Mr. B was still running good. So, my faith restored, I called and cancelled. But what do you think? Not 8 or 9 hours later I'm driving into town and he starts coughing and losing power again.....

"WHAT?!?!?! Ooooh....if you weren't a car....I'd ditch you..."

The next day I decided to drive it anyway and it ran fine in the ice and snow that got dumped on us the night before. *puzzle, puzzle*

Since then Mr. B has been running right fine. I gave him a stern talking to and he is quite repentant. I hope that this good behavior continues...

We shall see what we shall see.......

Hope you are all having a wonderful 2008!



SisterlyLove said...

"ditch you"! Oh Gen you are TOO funny!!! Bingley really should have better manners! It isn't fair disappointing young girls like that! tis' quite "Off the chart" ...what ever that means.
I do hope you have extra blankets in case he starts to get one of those trifling colds again. It would be very bad if he did that in the snow! You would look just like a stuck pig! I repeat: A STUCK PIG! Bingley if you're reading this right now you should be more grateful for all Genevieve has done for you and not turn you BOTH in to stuck pigs. tell me now Bingley where would that get us? .....I would imagine among the stuck pigs. But have it your own way!


Anna Kristine said...

Dear Bingley,
I hope you are feeling better and don't get sick again. You really must take care of yourself for Jane's sake. She truly does love you dearly and needs you.
Make sure and get plently of rest. But maybe you need more exercise?
I've heard running is the best exercise for cars. ;)
Much love,

SisterlyLove said...

To the precocious young Aimee, my dear, I hope that I wont ever become a stuck pig. That doesn't sound very appealing now does it? I will try in the future to do better and keep from getting such bad colds. Thank you for illustrating your point so convincingly. You are a most interesting young lady.
Mr. Bingley

My Dear Miss Lizzie, you are very very kind in wishing me well. I am feeling much better and I have been running! Thanks for your very wise council. I will try to keep running for Jane's sake even though she tells on me to you all.
Yours respectfully,
Mr. Bingley

Annie said...

I love the the picture of the car wheel. It is so cute. Love you Genevieve!

SisterlyLove said...

Isn't that picture great? Marguerite took it. Aint she talented? :) Love you too Annie!

The Jantzen family said...

Haha! This is hilarious! I mean... not REALLY, but it IS funny. Oh dear. That doesn't sound right. *embarassed*

I'm so glad Mr. Bingly is feeling better!

Those comments though and the way you worded the post is just too funny!

Thanks for making me laugh Genevieve! It made me feel like you're not so far away somehow. *happy sigh*

SisterlyLove said...

Miss Jantzen,
I'm very glad indeed that it gave you such pleasure. As is Mr. Bingley. He is of a very obliging character you see and does not feel ill used if others find amusement in his misfortunes.

Can't wait to see you again!