Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our Beautiful Engaged Sister!

So! Our sister Cherie is getting married in March! I thought I should post a picture of her ring for those of you who have been asking what it looks like. Beautiful, yes? It's a pink sapphire in the middle and eight (count 'em, EIGHT) diamonds. :)
It is Cherie's 20th birthday today! Happy Birthday Cherie! You are so beautiful and I can't tell you how much we'll miss you.
Yes, we were talking of wedding plans today. I must say that we had some pretty good ones. Cherie didn't really appreciate our ideas though. I cannot understand why! I mean, I think that a rubber duck theme is perfect! Although the Circus theme was pretty great as well....what do you think?

Yes, well lots to do between now and March! :)

Love, Gen

P.S. Pictures of Angela's ring to come. ;)
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The Jantzen family said...

LOL! Why didn't she listen to your ideas? *wink*

The ring is beautiful and the gril is beautiful!! Inside and out!

Miss YOU girls too!!!

SisterlyLove said...

The gril? Ha ha!

SisterlyLove said...

You are right though. Beautiful. :)