Saturday, November 24, 2007

Meet Me In St. Louis

There's no such thing as a good movie. Without that classic singing and dancing in there underwear.

I hope you all enjoyed that! Its one of my ALL TIME favorites! (Thanks to Anna!)

Love you all



SisterlyLove said...

That's true Aims. Ha ha! Oklahoma...Seven Brides for Seven Brothers...State Fair...what else?

Annie said...

Aww, Amy, that is such a cute video. Don't you wished you lived during that era? ha:) I think it would be really fun. Love you!

SisterlyLove said...

Of course i would LOVE to live in that era!!!
I'll tell you what. We (meaning You, Charissa, Daisy and Me should all get together and watch "Meet Me In St. Louis" on a Friday night sometime! it would be SO fun to have a pajama night! hee hee! I love you girl SOOOOO much and hope to see you SOON!!! *BIG GRIN* i am SOOO out of it tonight! its FREEZING outside! of course the only night we pick to dress up in dresses and high-heel SANDELS its windy and so cold its almost too cold to snow! we did have our fur's and mink's though! they were the ONLY thing keeping us warm!
I need to go to bed and sleeeeeep!
love you Annie!

Annie said...

Haha, I like the sisters video. It was really funny!!!!! How has everything been going for you? Are you ready for Christmas? I am NOT! Yikes! I need to be getting with it. I will talk to you later Aims. Love you girl!